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Foods That Start With P: 125+ Popular Party Options

Foods That Start With P: 125+ Popular Party Options

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You’re stuck on a game night and don’t know your way out of a riddle? You can’t think of what food starts with p. Rest assured, I have your back.

Next up is the ultimate list of foods that start with p because …why not? I’ve also prepared a few details you might need about each of these foods, so read on.

Foods That Start With P: 55 Ideas

Here are the most common foods that starts with p:

1. Peanut Butter

Creamy and smooth peanut butter in jar

Peanut butter is made from ground peanuts and may also contain salt. It’s a spread that can be used on toast, in cookies, or even with vegetables.

2. Pizza

Pizza is a popular dish around the world. The first pizzeria was opened in 18th century Naples, and the dish became popular in America when it was introduced by Italian immigrants.

3. Pretzels

A pretzel is a snack food that is typically shaped into a knot or a twisted strip and made from dough that has been cooked in salt water (or baking soda).

4. Palmetto Cheese

No, this is not Mediterranean or Italian cheese, but it is a popular food. Palmetto Cheese is a cheese that is made in South Carolina. It is a soft, white cheese that has a mild flavor.

5. Pita

Pita is a name for flatbread. It goes perfectly with cucumbers, tropical fruit, Asian cooking, brisket, or even with maple syrup as a side dish.

6. Parmesan

Parmesan is a hard cheese that is made from cow’s milk, often grated and used as a topping for pasta dishes. In cooking, it goes perfectly with tomato sauce and olive oil.

7. Pastries

Pastries are a type of food that are made from dough and then baked. They are usually sweet with white or brown sugar and can be eaten as a dessert or a snack.

8. Pesto

You can’t visit Italy without trying this spread. It is traditionally made with basil, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil.

9. Penne

Penne is a type of pasta that is shaped like a tube. It can be served with a variety of sauces, such as tomato sauce, pesto, or cream sauce.

10. Passata

Passata in a jar

Passata is a tomato sauce made from cooked tomatoes that have been passed through a food mill and sieve.

11. Pottage

Pottage is a type of food that is made by boiling vegetables, meat, and other ingredients in water, resulting in a type of soup or stew.

12. Paneer

Paneer is a fresh cheese that is made by curdling milk with lemon juice, vinegar, or other acids. It can be used in many dishes, such as paneer tikka masala and palak paneer.

13. Periwinkle

Periwinkle is a type of edible sea snail which lives in the shallow waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. They are found in large numbers on rocky shores and in tide pools.

14. Poulette

Poulette is a French dish that is made with a mixture of eggs, milk, and butter. It is usually served with bread or potatoes.

15. Panettone

One of my favorite foods that start with p is this one. Panettone is a type of Italian bread that is typically eaten at Christmas time. It has a sweet taste, and it’s usually served with coffee or tea.

16. Peppermint

I can’t make a smoothie without peppermint anymore due to its numerous health benefits.

17. Patties

Meat patties are usually round in shape and can be fried or baked. Patties are often served with different types of sauces, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard.

18. Paella

Paella is a Spanish dish that is made with rice, seafood, and vegetables. You can add anything to it, from legumes, meat, edible seeds, root vegetables, or anything that comes to mind.

19. Pakora

Pakora is a deep-fried snack food that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is made by dipping vegetables, paneer, or other ingredients in a gram flour batter before deep frying them.

20. Pandoro

Pandoro, a typical Christmas sweet Italian

Pandoro is a traditional Italian Christmas cake. It is made of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, yeast, and milk. The dough is then shaped into a ring and baked in the oven.

21. Puree

Puree can be made from mashed potatoes, peas, or any other vegetable or fruit out there.

22. Pierogi

Pierogi is a Polish dumpling that is filled with mashed potatoes, cheese, and onions. It can be boiled or fried and served with sour cream or butter.

23. Peshwari Naan

Peshwari Naan is a type of naan bread that is made with a mixture of spices, nuts, and raisins. It can be eaten as an appetizer or as part of the main course.

24. Porridge

Porridge is a type of food that is made from oats, nuts, kernels, seeds, milk or water, and salt, served hot or cold.

25. Peppercorn

Peppercorn or black pepper is a spice that is made from the dried, unripe berries of the pepper plant.

26. Pompano

Pompano is a type of fish that is found in the Atlantic Ocean. It has light, white flesh and can be eaten raw or cooked.

27. Pudding

Pudding is made from milk, sugar, and other ingredients.

28. Polenta

Polenta is made by cooking ground corn with water or milk until it becomes thick. The polenta can be served as a porridge, or it can be allowed to set, then sliced and fried or baked.

29. Poi

Poi is a traditional Hawaiian dish made from the pounded corn of the taro plant.

30. Purloo

Perloo or purloo is a southern rice food that is made of boiled rice and vegetables. The vegetables are usually cabbage, spinach, carrots, onion, garlic, ginger, and celery.

31. Pilaf

Pilaf with chicken

Pilaf is a rice dish with many variations but typically includes rice, onion, and some type of meat or vegetable. Pilafs are typically flavored with saffron, turmeric, and other spices.

32. Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie was first mentioned in American cookbooks in 1802. It is traditionally served on Thanksgiving day.

33. Pina Colada

Sure, this is a drink, and not a food that starts with p. Pina Colada is a cocktail made from rum, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut.

34. Phaletshe

This is a traditional South African dish that is served with rice. It is usually made from dried beans and meat, which are cooked together in a pot called a Phalet.

35. Pecan Pie

Another pie on this list of the foods that start with p is pecan pie. This is a pie with a sweet and nutty flavor, made from an egg custard filling that is baked in a pastry crust and contains pecans.

36. Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are eggs that are cooked in simmering water, with the egg white and yolk still soft.

37. Poha

Poha is an Indian dish that is made from a mixture of rice and lentils. The dish is usually served with a side of spicy chutney or pickle.

38. Pine Mushrooms

Pine mushrooms are a type of edible mushroom that is found in the forests of North America.

39. Poppy Seeds

These seeds are often used in breads, desserts, and salads. Poppy seeds are also used in some medicines to treat pain and coughing.

40. Piccalilli

Piccalilli - Pickled cauliflower and other vegetables with mustard and turmeric

Piccalilli is a sauce that is made of vegetables, pickles, and spices. The word “piccalilli” comes from the French word “piquer” which means to pickle or preserve.

41. Pigeon Peas

Pigeon peas are legumes, used as a major source of protein in many parts of the world.

42. Princess Cupcakes

These cupcakes look like princess dresses made out of ice cream icing in different colors.

43. Pan Bagnat

Pan Bagnat is a sandwich made with a type of French bread. It is typically filled with tuna, tomatoes, and olives.

44. Pearl Balls

Pearl Balls is a traditional Chinese dish. It is made with glutinous rice, sugar, and sesame oil.

45. Peach Cobbler

Who doesn’t love peach cobbler? Peach Cobbler is a Southern dessert, usually made with canned peaches, sugar, butter, flour, and cinnamon.

46. Pain Perdu

Pain Perdu is a French dessert that means “Lost Bread” in English. It is made with bread, butter, eggs, and milk.

47. Palabok

This is a Filipino dish that is made from rice noodles and shrimp. The noodles are mixed with garlic, shallots, pork fat, shrimp, ground pork and topped with a fried egg.

48. Pani Puri

Pani Puri is a dish that is popular in India. It consists of a hollow fried dough ball filled with a mixture of mashed potatoes and boiled chickpeas.

49. Pap Cakes

These are a traditional Jamaican dessert that is made from cornmeal and sugar.

50. Pad Knee Mao

Pad Knee Mao is a traditional Thai dish. It is a popular dish in the south of Thailand, and it is served at most restaurants there.

51. Palusami

Palusami is a dish that is traditionally made in Sri Lanka. The recipe includes rice, coconut milk, curry leaves, and other vegetables like carrots, cabbage, green beans, and onions.

52. Pesce Spada

grilled marinated swordfish steaks with lemon and rosemary on cast iron grilling pan

This dish is a traditional Italian recipe that is often served as an appetizer. The ingredients are simple, but the preparation and cooking process can be time-consuming.

53. Petrale

Petrale is a recipe for a drink that is made of honey, lemon, and water.

54. Phat Lady

A Phat Lady sandwich is a sandwich with two slices of bread, numerous slices of ham, slices of turkey, slices of cheese, and bacon.

55. Petits Fours

Petits Fours are small, iced cakes that are made with a variety of fillings. They are usually served in sets of four.

21 Meats That Start With P

These foods that begin with p come from an animal. Here they are:

1. Pepperoni

organic uncured italian pepperoni slices ready to use

Pepperoni is cured meat made from pork and beef with the same texture as salami, but with a sweeter flavor.

2. Pork loin

Pork loin is meat from the side of a pig; it’s lean and tender with a mild flavor.

3. Panfish

Panfish is a type of fish that can be found in freshwater, saltwater, or even brackish water. It is a very popular game fish, and has a lot of culinary uses.

4. Pheasant

Pheasant meat is a type of game bird that is native to Europe and Asia. The meat is used in a variety of dishes, including pheasant pot pie, pheasant casserole, and pheasant soup.

5. Plaice

Plaice is a type of flatfish that is usually found in European waters and can be marketed under different names.

6. Prosciutto

Prosciutto is a meat that is often served as an appetizer or as part of an antipasto platter. It can also be used in sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes.

7. Pork Chops

They are usually cut into two pieces with the bone in the middle. Pork chops can be cooked in a variety of ways, such as frying, grilling, or baking.

8. Pollock

Pollock is a type of fish that is found in the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

9. Pot pie

Pot pies are usually baked in an oven. They can be served as a main dish or as an appetizer.

10. Pike

zander fillet served with fresh salad, pike perch fish

A pike is a freshwater fish that is found in Northern Europe and North America, known to eat smaller fishes like trout.

11. Parma ham

Parma ham is a type of cured ham that is made in the Parma and Reggio Emilia areas of Italy.

12. Peking duck

This dish originated in Peking in China. The dish is made of the roasted skin and meat of a duck.

13. Pilchard

It is classified as a whitefish and belongs to the Clupeidae family.

14. Plant-Based Meat Substitute

Plant-based meat is a type of food that is a substitute for animal protein. It can be made from soy, wheat, or other plants.

16. Pancetta

Pancetta is a type of Italian bacon that is made from pork belly meat, cured with salt and spices.

17. Pastrami

Pastrami is sliced smoked beef, which can be eaten in a sandwich on rye bread with mustard and coleslaw, or as part of a hamburger. It was originally developed by Romanian Jews who were forbidden from eating beef by their religious law.

18. Perch

Perch is a type of freshwater fish that lives in rivers, lakes, and streams. It has a long body with a brownish color.

Perch is one of the most popular freshwater fish in North America because it tastes good and it’s easy to catch.

19. Prawns

Prawns are a type of crustacean. They are related to shrimp and lobster. Prawns are generally larger than shrimp but smaller than lobsters.

20. Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is created by cooking pork in a slow cooker with a sauce, usually barbecue sauce or sometimes a tomato-based sauce.

The term “pulled pork” can refer to the meat itself, which is pulled apart into strands of varying length and thickness, or it can refer to the dish in general.

21. Philly Cheesesteak

This sandwich was created in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a sandwich made with thinly sliced pieces of beef and melted cheese on a long, crusty roll.

21 Snacks That Start With P

Next up are my favorite comfort foods that start with the letter p:

1. Popcorn

Popcorn viewed from above on yellow background

Popcorn can be eaten in its original form, but it is also often flavored with salt, butter, and/or other spices and seasonings. Popcorn can also be used as a topping for ice cream.

2. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a delicious and nutritious snack that are high in protein and other essential nutrients. They can be eaten raw, roasted or added to other dishes.

3. Parfait

Parfait is a French word that means “perfect.” These snacks are made with layers of different flavors, but they are also perfect because they are gluten-free, vegan, and Kosher.

4. Pie

Pie is a general term used to describe food that is baked in a pie crust. The most common type of pie is apple pie, which often includes apples, sugar, butter, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Pie can also be made with other ingredients such as sweet potatoes or pumpkin.

5. Pinole

Pinole is a type of cornmeal that is processed from the dried kernels of blue or white corn. It is used in many dishes and drinks and has been consumed since pre-Columbian times in South America.

Pinole can be eaten as cereal with milk or water, mixed with honey to create a drink, or made into bread or muffins.

6. Pop Tarts

Pop tarts are a breakfast food that is made with a pastry crust and filled with fruit or cream-based filling.

There are many different flavors of pop tarts such as strawberry, blueberry, cherry, raspberry, peach, and apple. Pop tarts come in boxes of 12 and can be bought at the grocery store.

7. Popsicles

Now, this is the ultimate snack food that starts with p. Popsicles are a frozen dessert made out of water, sugar, fruit juice, and fruit. They are often served in paper cups with lids to help contain the mess.

8. Prawn Crackers

Prawn crackers are a type of cracker which is made with prawns. They are also known as shrimp crackers or shrimp chips.

The main ingredients in Prawn Crackers are wheat flour, salt, sugar, and palm oil. They also contain prawns and vegetable oil.

9. Pemican

Pemican is a type of food that is made from animal fat and dried meat. It was originally created by the Native American tribes for sustenance.

When it’s ready to eat, you can break off pieces of the hard outer shell with your hands or teeth and enjoy the soft inner filling.

10. Puffed rice

Puffed rice in a bowl

Puffed rice is rice that has been cooked and then dried with hot air. This process causes the grains to puff up and become light, crispy, and crunchy.

In the process of production, it is important to use a variety of rice that has a high starch content. The most common types are japonica and indica rice.

11. Pecan nuts

Pecan nuts are a type of edible nut found on the pecan tree. They are grown in South America, China, and southern parts of the United States.

Pecan trees can be found as far north as Canada, but they won’t grow well there because it is too cold for them to thrive. They need warm temperatures and high humidity to grow properly.

12. Pistachios

Pistachios are a small, oval nut that is grown in the US and Iran, and are in season from September to March.

13. Profiterole

A profiterole is a French pastry that is made of choux pastry filled with cream and topped with chocolate ganache.

It’s easy to make profiteroles at home. All you need to do is prepare the dough, fill it with cream and bake it.

14. Protein bar

These bars are often used by people who are on the go or by athletes. They can be eaten at any time of the day, and provide a quick and convenient way to get protein.

15. Pub mix

A Pub Mix is a snack food consisting of pretzels and potato chips. The ingredients are usually mixed together in a large bag.

16. Praline

Praline is a French confection made from almonds and sugar. It is a sweet and crunchy candy that many people enjoy eating.

17. Pavlova

Pavlova is a type of meringue cake that was created in honor of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.

18. Pancakes

Pancakes are eaten in many countries all over the world. They are made by cooking a batter on a griddle or in frying pan and then flipping it over so that both sides can be cooked.

19. Pay day

This bar is usually made with a combination of cocoa, sugar, and other various ingredients.

20. Peanuts

Peanuts are a type of legume and a member of the bean family.

21. Potato chips

This is one of my favorite foods that start with p. Potato chips are deep-fried slices of potato that have been cooked in oil.

16 Vegetables That Start With P

red savina habanero peppers on the plant

The veggies we love are just foods with p:

1. Paprika

2. Potatoes

3. Peppers

4. Pak choi

5. Parsley

6. Pimiento

7. Pinto beans

8. Plum tomatoes

9. Peas

10. Poblano peppers

11. Pickles

12. Pumpkin

13. Pearl onion

14. Parsnip

15. Pimento Pepper

16. Potato salad

14 Fruits That Start With P

basket of fresh ripe plums on a wooden

These foods with the letter p are sweet, and I love them:

1. Plums

2. Pears

3. Pineapple

4. Persimmon

5. Papaya

6. Pink Lady apple

7. Pomegranate

8. Prunes

9. Plumcot

10. Pomelo

11. Plantain

12. Passion fruit

13. Pawpaw

14. Peach

A Lot Of Letter P

Hopefully, you’ve understood and remembered at least a few p foods. In fact, I am sure that this article is the reason why you could win your game.

Maybe you were just trying to test how many foods that start with p you know. Regardless, I am sure you found what you were looking for.

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