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About Us

Foodies, gastronomes, people with a refined palate, call us anything you want. All we know is that food is our deal. And we are sure the same goes for you too.

Welcome to Chef’s Standards, where we will share tips and tricks regarding our favorite topic – food. This nutrition treasure trove is founded by Aiden and Zoey, two food devotees who love to cook. They like to say that cooking is their way of life and we are sure you agree.

We hope you will easily find all the information you need on substituting ingredients, answers to your questions, and most importantly, the best recipes there are. Just remember, our chef is sharing all of his secrets with you, so there is no doubt you’ll bake the best results.

Let’s share our passion for fine dining and enjoy our best recipes together. Bon Appetit!

About the Authors

Aiden Riley

Aiden is our master chef, and he says that food is a way of life. He is a true WHISKtaker! After completing three years of cooking school, he followed his career path as a qualified chef. Luckily for us, his focus has shifted now onto sharing his expertise with the world. He writes about his secret recipes and tips, and happily answers all of your questions.

Zoey Wallace

She is just here for the food! Zoey’s love for food is why she went into being a nutritionist. After finishing her dietetics education, she started her own private practice as a holistic nutritionist. Now, she shares her favorite food ideas, knows how to substitute food, and compares it while reminding you to eat your veggies.