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Fruit That Starts With U – 14 Interesting Types

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Are you doing research or playing a good old guessing game, and you’re stuck with the letter U? Actually, are you stuck with fruit that starts with U? Don’t worry because I’m about to solve your issue.

I’ve compiled this list of interesting fruits that start with the letter U. I’m sure you haven’t heard of most of these before because, truth to be told, neither had I.

However, it was nice to discover new types of fruit, and I hope I get the chance to try some of these unique fruits from the list that I have never tried before because they sure sound yummy.

14 Fruits That Start With U

Now, let’s get straight to it and start with this interesting list of fruits that start with U.

1. Ube

ube fruit

This amazing fruit with a very cool and interesting name comes from the Philippines. It’s mostly known for its wonderful and very unique purple color.

Ube fruit comes in the shape of a sweet potato or yam. That’s probably why people also call it “purple yam” or “purple sweet potato.”

This fruit has various uses, but it’s, of course, mostly used in the culinary industry to make cakes, ice creams, sweet soups, and other sweet dishes.

Ube and taro are two very similar, so it is important to know how to distinguish them. 

2. Ububese fruit

ububese fruit

This fruit comes from Africa, specifically Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, and Namibia.

The scientific name of the ububese fruit tree is Annona atemoya subsp. nana. In different cultures, people also call it dwarf custard apple, ground sop, muroro, and many other names.

An interesting fact about the ububese fruit is that it has a unique reddish or yellow color and can grow up to 100 centimeters. It has a very sweet taste and can be eaten raw or used in sweet dishes.

3. Ugli fruit

ugli fruit

This small fruit is full of vitamin C and comes from Jamaica. It’s also called Jamaican tangelo. It’s actually one of the highest sources of vitamin C. Based on how it looks, it can be seen as a hybrid between orange, lemon, and grapefruit.

When it comes to the taste, it has a more sweet taste like a tangerine than a bitter one like grapefruits. The color of the ugli fruit can be green, orange, or yellow.

4. Ugni berry

ugni berry

This sweet and uniq fruit can be found across Latin America. There is also another name for this fruit: the Chilean guava.

This red fruit is very small – they’re like blueberry-sized pomegranates and can be found on the Ugni molinae tree.

Everyone likes the taste of ugni fruit because it is similar to the taste of strawberries. Fun fact: most strawberry-flavored ice creams are made of Ugni berry, not real strawberries.

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5. Umbu fruit

umbu fruit

If you’re from Brazil, I’m sure you’ve already heard about this fruit because it’s very popular there. People also call it the Brazil plum.

The color of umbu fruit can be green or yellow. It can be eaten raw, like in a delicious fruit salad (it goes amazing with plums and gooseberries), or you can make a delicious jam out of it.

6. Umbra fruit

umbra fruit

The tropical ambarella tree produces the sweetest green, oval fruits that look like small plums. This fruit has many other names like June plum, golden apple, umbrella fruit, dwarf golden plum, Indian hog plum, and Makok faring.

The umbra fruit has many health advantages and benefits, and if you ever come across one, don’t be afraid to try it out.

7. Umeboshi fruit

Umeboshi fruit

Umeboshi is a very popular fruit in Japan. It’s also known as the Japanese plum or ume. If you ever find yourself in Japan, it’ll be impossible not to try their popular side dish, pickled umeboshi.

It’s a real delicacy in Japan. People like it mostly because of its balanced salty and sweet taste. It is also used in different marinades, to make alcohol, and produce vinegar.

The taste of a fresh umeboshi fruit is very similar to the flavor of apricots and peaches. However, it’s important to know that the umeboshi’s pips are poisonous, so you should never eat them.

8. Urava fruit

The interesting urava fruit originally comes from Africa but is mostly found in India nowadays. The scientific name of the fruit is Sonneretia alba, and it grows on a tropical tree called the mangrove apple tree or gedabu.

What many don’t know is that this citrus fruit has many health benefits. The color of the fruit goes from light green to orange, and it can be eaten raw but is mostly used as a spice.

9. Usakhelauri

Here comes a very interesting and not too easy-to-pronounce fruit name. Usakhelauri is a grape from which a popular red wine is made. The color of the berries is dark red, almost black.

10. Usuma fruit

The color of the usuma fruit can range from dark orange to watermelon red and resembles peanut butter. That’s why this fruit is popularly referred to as peanut butter fruit.

It can be eaten raw and has a very sweet taste, but people also use it to make tasty jams, jellies, and smoothies. The usuma fruit comes from South America but can also be found in Hawaii.

11. Uva Rara grape

Here is another interesting type of red grape. It is mostly found in Italy and, of course, as you can already assume, it’s mostly used to make red wine.

12. Uva Tosca grape

uva tosca

The Uva Tosca grape is another grape from Italy used to produce wine. It’s planted mostly in the Emilia-Romagna region and is also called the Montanara, Tosca, and Tosco grape.

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13. Uvalino grape

I assume I don’t even have to say that this type of grape also comes from Italy. Or, to be more precise, the Piedmont wine region.

“Uvalino” means small berries.

Aside from being used to make wine, this grape also has rich levels of resveratrol, a highly powerful antioxidant. That is why the Uvalino grape is gaining popularity today and has wider uses than it did before.

14. Uvilla fruit

These golden berries are originally from Peru and Ecuador. They have very unique looks and an even more unique taste.

The uvilla fruit is also known as the Cape gooseberry or goldenberry. Because of its antioxidant attributes, this fruit has many health benefits. It also has high levels of vitamins that can be extremely beneficial for the immune system.

In The End

Have you ever heard about these fruits that start with U before? Have you tried any of them? I haven’t, but I hope I will one day because I’m sure they’re all tasty.

If nothing, they all definitely have tempting names.

Whether it’s some of these or other fruits you like, don’t forget to eat fruit. Just to remind you, fruit provides vital nutrients for our overall health and well-being. Until the next article, stay healthy and eat your fruit and vegetables too.