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90 Wonderous Foods That Start With W (Whole Meals + Snacks)

90 Wonderous Foods That Start With W (Whole Meals + Snacks)

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The letter W originates from two letters: an “o” and a “u.” It was created by combining the two letters together.

The letter W is one of the most commonly used letters in the English language. It is used to form words such as “wife,” “window,” and “wonderful.”

But do you know what food starts with W? Can’t think of any? Worry not, since I have prepared a list of foods that start with w, together with some info on what you might need to know about them.

Here Are 25 Foods That Start With W

I can’t really say which food is the best, but one can say that there are some foods that are just better than others. Some people might say that their favorite food starts with the letter W and they would be able to tell you what it is. Here are my favorite meals that start with W:

1. Waffles

Plate of belgian waffles with ice cream, caramel sauce and fresh berries

A waffle is a type of breakfast food that is crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. It can be made with a variety of ingredients, including butter, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, and flour.

The batter for waffles is poured onto an iron with grids in it that are shaped like squares or rectangles. The waffles are then baked in an oven until they are golden brown and crisp. They can also be deep-fried in oil to make them more crispy.

2. Wakame

Wakame is a type of edible seaweed which is often eaten in Japan. It can be consumed either raw or cooked and has a nutty flavor. Wakame is also rich in minerals, vitamins, and protein.

The Japanese have been eating wakame for centuries, and it has become one of the most popular seaweeds in the world. It can be found at most Asian grocery stores, and it’s usually sold dried or fresh.

3. Wontons

Wontons are a type of dumpling that is made from a thin dough wrapper that is filled with meat or vegetables. They are boiled and served in soup or deep-fried and served with sauce. The wonton soup is a popular dish in Chinese cuisine.

4. White Wine

White wine is a type of wine made from white grapes. It is typically fruity, dry, and lighter in color than red wine. White wines have been produced since ancient times.

The most popular grape varieties used to produce white wine are: Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Riesling, Pinot gris, Chenin blanc, Semillon

5. White Vinegar

white vinegar on the wooden table top

White vinegar is a type of vinegar that is made from distilled alcohol, water and some other chemicals. It’s also called “distilled white vinegar.” White vinegar has a lot of uses in the food industry, such as pickling vegetables and making salad dressings.

It’s also used to make cleaning products like window cleaner and fabric softener, as well as in home remedies for things like warts and skin conditions, and to clear up acne.

6. Westfalia Ham

Westfalia Ham is a German food company that produces processed meat products. The company was founded in 1887 by Johann Heinrich Westfalia, who originally produced sausages.

Westfalia Ham is headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany, and has production facilities in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, and the UK.

7. Welsh Rarebit

Welsh rarebit is a dish traditionally made with a mixture of melted cheese and beer topped with toasted breadcrumbs. This dish originated in the 18th century and was popular among the upper classes in Britain.

It was originally served as an after-dinner snack or supper dish, but it has since become popular as pub food. The Welsh rarebit is considered to be Britain’s national dish, but it is not known what the name refers to.

8. White Soup

White soup is a traditional dish in many countries. It is usually made with chicken, rice, and vegetables. The dish is typically served hot or cold. It is often eaten as a light meal or starter before the main meal.

The ingredients are usually cooked in a pot of water until they are tender and then blended together to create the soup. Some people prefer to eat it with croutons or pieces of bread that have been fried in butter or olive oil.

9. Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel is a veal dish that is popular in Europe. It originated in Austria, where it was traditionally made with a thin slice of veal that was dipped into egg and breadcrumbs and then fried.

Wiener Schnitzel is usually served with lemon slices, fries, or potato salad. The word “wiener” (German for “Viennese”) comes from the Austrian capital Vienna.

10. White Bread

white bread or sliced bread in the basket on wooden floor with sack cloths

White bread is a type of bread that is made from wheat flour and water. It is usually enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. This is one of the most popular foods in the world.

This type of bread has been around for centuries, and it is often eaten by people all over the world. White bread can be found in many different forms, such as sandwich breads, bagels, and more.

11. Whitebait

Whitebait is a small fish, usually less than 10 cm in length, that are caught commercially in New Zealand and Australia. Whitebait are caught with nets or scooped up by the bucketful. They can be cooked in a variety of ways and are often served as a starter dish.

12. Wok

Many people enjoy eating wok food because it has a lot of flavors and is very healthy. Wok food is very healthy because it is cooked in a wok which uses little oil.

Serve it with rice, noodles, and seasonings. Use ingredients from Asian cuisines, like China or Indonesia, and make it gluten-free. It also has a lot of flavors because the ingredients are chopped up and then stir-fried in the wok.

13. Wiener

Wiener food is a type of food that is served on a hot dog bun. It can be made with a variety of different ingredients, but the most common one is meat. Some examples include sausage, bacon, ham, cheese, eggs, and hash browns.

14. Wisconsin Cheese

red waxed yellow cheddar cheese

Wisconsin Cheese is a type of cheese that is made in Wisconsin. It is a type of cheese that has been around for centuries.

The dairy industry has been changing over the years, and Wisconsin Cheese is an example of these changes. Wisconsin Cheese was originally created by German immigrants in the 1800s when they settled in Wisconsin and started making cheese from cow’s milk.

15. Wad

Wad is a food that is made from the leaves of the wada plant. It is a popular dish in India and Pakistan.

The wada plant has been used for centuries in Indian cuisine. The leaves are boiled, mashed, and then mixed with spices to make a dish called wad. Wad can be eaten as a side dish or as an appetizer before a meal.

16. Wrap Roti

Wrap Roti is a Malaysian dish that is made with a thin dough of wheat flour, water, and salt. The dough is then wrapped around a filling of meat or vegetables.

The dish has been popular in Malaysia for many years, and it has become more popular in the United States as well. It is now served at many restaurants in the US. It has numerous health benefits since it is full of antioxidants and is a staple food in Malaysia.

17. Whiting

Whiting is a type of fish that is found in the Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as whiting, hake, and pollock. Whiting can be cooked in many different ways. It can be fried, grilled, or baked.

The whiting fish has white flesh, and it has a mild flavor. The whiting fish is often used for making fish cakes and other dishes that are made with ground-up fish.

18. Wat

Wat is an Ethiopian dish made of berbere and niter kibbeh. It is a stew that can be made with any type of meat, but the most popular version is beef. It has a thick consistency, which makes it perfect for scooping up with injera.

19. White Coconut Chutney

This is a traditional Indian dish that is made with coconut, tamarind, and other spices. The dish is usually served as an accompaniment to a meal. It can also be used as a spread on bread or toast.

It is often eaten with rice dishes such as biryani or pulao. I love the chewy texture of these foods that start with w.

20. Whelks

Fresh cleaned raw common whelks ready to cook

Whelks are found in all of the world’s oceans, from the tropics to polar regions. They live mostly on shallow seabeds, with some species at depths down to 700 meters.

Whelks are carnivores and feed mainly on other invertebrates, such as clams and oysters, but also on small fish and sometimes even other whelks.

21. Witloof

Witloof is a type of lettuce that is grown in Belgium. Witloof has a long history and it was first cultivated by the Romans. Witloof has been popularized as an ingredient for salads and sandwiches, and it can be eaten raw or cooked.

22. White Gravy

The term white gravy is used in several different ways. In the South, it refers to any type of milk-based sauce served over meat and vegetables, such as cream or sausage gravy. In the North, it refers to a thickened milk-based sauce often served with biscuits or cornbread.

23. Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is the ground grain from which wheat bread is made. It is an important ingredient in a variety of foods, including bread, cakes, pastries, and cookies.

Wheat flour can be made from any type of wheat, but most varieties are high-gluten wheat. It is typically made by grinding wheat grains into a fine powder using a millstone or roller mill.

24. Wraps

The wrap is a type of sandwich that is made with a flour tortilla, usually filled with salad items, and then wrapped up in the tortilla to form a cylindrical shape. In fact, they are the rind of your quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, and tacos.

25. Whiskey

Whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Different grains are used for different varieties, including barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, corn (maize), wheat, and malt.

Whiskey is typically aged in wooden casks; the exception is Corn whiskey which is generally not aged at all and often sold as white whiskey.

What Food Starts With W? 19 Fruit & Veggies

We all know that there are 26 letters in the alphabet. But what about the foods that start with w? Waffles, watermelon, and waffles are just a few of the many foods that start with w you can enjoy:

1. Watermelon

Several large sweet green watermelons and cut watermelons

Watermelon is a type of fruit that is very popular in the United States. It is a sweet, juicy fruit that has many health benefits.

It also contains some dietary fiber which makes it an excellent choice for weight loss because it fills you up without adding too many calories to your diet.

In addition, when you eat watermelon, you consume less sugar than when eating other fruits because the sugar content in watermelon comes from natural sugars rather than added sugars like high-fructose corn syrup or cane sugar.

2. White Onion

White onion is a mild-flavored vegetable that can be used in a variety of dishes. It can be eaten raw or cooked and offers health benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease.

They are perfect for sautéing as a condiment and go with sweet potatoes, cream cheese, and savory dishes to add to their umami flavor.

3. Wheat

Wheat is a cereal grain that is grown extensively in the United States and other parts of the world. Wheat is used for making breads, pasta, breakfast cereals, and more.

The main types of wheat are hard wheat and soft wheat. Hard wheat is higher in protein than soft wheat. The protein content in hard wheat can be up to 15% higher than in soft wheat.

4. White Rice

White rice is a type of rice that is usually boiled in water. It is typically eaten as a staple food and can be found in many different cultures.

It has been discovered that white rice has the same amount of calories and nutritional value as brown rice, but it is lower in fiber and higher in the glycemic index.

5. White Coconut

 White Coconut

The white coconut is not a different type of coconut. It’s just a young, immature coconut that has not been allowed to mature.

The white coconut is a small, immature version of the brown or black variety. They are harvested before they have matured and have the chance to develop their brown color and rich flavor. One can make cocoa butter and ice cream out of it, which offers a satisfying crunch.

6. Waldorf Salad

Waldorf Salad is a fruit salad typically made with apples, celery, grapes, and mayonnaise. This dish is not just popular for its taste but also for its simplicity. It is a quick and easy-to-prepare dish that can be served as a side or as a light meal on its own.

7. Wild Rice

Wild rice is an ancient grain with a husk that was once the staple food for many North Americans. The wild rice plant thrives in shallow lakes and streams in the Great Lakes region and upper Midwest of the United States, where it was first harvested by Native Americans.

Wild rice grows in small, submerged patches just below the surface of the water, where it can be easily harvested with traditional methods.

8. Winter Squash

Winter Squash is a vegetable that is usually eaten in the wintertime. It’s a type of squash that can be cooked and eaten as an accompaniment to meat. This tuber is similar to the butternut pumpkin, spaghetti squash, and chicory and is very popular due to its peppery flavor in Asia.

9. Wasabi

Wasabi is a Japanese food that is served as a condiment alongside other dishes. It is made from the grated roots of the Wasabia Japonica plant and has a hot, spicy flavor. It can be eaten with sushi or sashimi, or it can be used as a dipping sauce for other foods such as sushi rolls.

10. Wolfberry

Wolfberry in a wooden bowl on the table

Wolfberries are also known as “Goji Berries” and are native to China. They are a type of berry that grows on trees. They are grown in the northern and central parts of China, and they have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine.

11. Water Chestnuts

Water chestnuts are edible, and they have many culinary uses. They can be eaten raw, cooked in a soup, or as an ingredient in stir-fries.

Water chestnuts are high in carbohydrates and low in fat. They are also rich in vitamin C and potassium.

12. Williams Pear

The Williams Pear is a hybrid of the European Pear and the Asian Pear. The Williams pear has a green appearance, and its flesh is very sweet, but it is not as soft as other types of pears.

13. White Turnip

The white turnip is a root vegetable that has a mild flavor, and it can be eaten raw or cooked. It is often used in Asian cuisine. The white turnip is very versatile, and it can be used in many different dishes and eaten either raw or cooked.

14. Watercress

Watercress is a flowering plant in the family Brassicaceae. It grows in running water and can be found in most of Europe, Asia, and North America. It is also known as “watercress,” “garden cress,” or “creasy greens.”

15. Wineberry

Japanese wineberry or Rubus phoenicolasius

Wineberry is a dessert that is made out of blackberries, sugar, and wine. It can be served with whipped cream or ice cream. Wineberry can be a great addition to any family dinner for something sweet and refreshing.

16. Winter Melon

Winter Melons are typically harvested during the late fall months and can be found at your local grocery store. The flesh of the winter melon is light green, and the skin is dark green to brown in color. Winter Melons are very popular in Asia, where they are often served as a soup or dessert.

17. White Fig

White figs are a type of fig that is white in color. They are grown in a specific region of the world, which includes parts of Turkey and Greece. They are also known as “Turkish Figs” or “Greek Figs.”

In Turkish cuisine, they can be found in a dish called “Dolma.” Dolma is usually made with vegetables and meat wrapped in grape leaves, but the white figs can be used as a substitute for the grape leaves.

18. White Beech Mushroom

White beech mushrooms are a type of edible fungus that is found in the forests of North America. They are also known as “beech mushrooms” or “western beech mushrooms”. They taste like a combination of acorn and horseradish.

19. White Currant

The white currant is a small fruit that is grown in temperate climates and can be found in many countries. The white currant has been used for culinary purposes for centuries.

The white currant is also known as the “white grape” or “white grapefruit” because of its shape and color. It has a sweet taste that can be enjoyed with a meal or by itself.

Know Your 15 Foods With W (Snacks & Sweets)

If you are looking for a good snack to start your day, try one of these foods that start with the letter W:

1. White Chocolate

Pieces of white chocolate on wooden table

White chocolate is a type of chocolate that does not contain cocoa solids and therefore does not have the typical brown color. It is made from cocoa butter, milk, sugar, and vanilla.

2. Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce is a fermented liquid condiment made from molasses, vinegar, tamarind extract, salt, onions, and garlic.

Worcestershire sauce was first invented in the 1800s by a man named Mr. Lea and it was created with the intent to cover up the smell of bad meat at a time when refrigeration wasn’t yet available.

3. Waffle Fries

Waffle fries are a popular food item that is served in many restaurants and fast food chains. They are often deep-fried or baked and can be eaten as a side dish or as an appetizer. The name “waffle fry” is derived from the shape of the potato, which resembles a waffle when cut into small pieces.

The texture of this food is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Many people like to dip them in ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise.

4. Walnuts

Walnuts are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce inflammation and help with mental health. Eating walnuts also help you feel fuller for longer, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

5. Walnut Cake

Walnut Cake

This cake is a dense, rich cake made with ground walnuts, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract. Walnut cake is usually frosted with whipped cream.

6. Wheat Flakes

The first cereal to be introduced to the American market was Wheat Flakes by the Kellogg Company in 1906.

The cereal is made from wheat and rice flour, sugar, salt, malt flavoring, and yeast. The company originally claimed that it could help prevent colds or influenza because of its high content of vitamin B.

7. Waffle Crisp

Waffle Crisp is a breakfast cereal that was introduced in the United States in the 1980s. It is made of corn and rice and has a waffle-like texture. In fact, they are used to make marshmallows and other sticky foods.

8. Whole Wheat Chocolate Crisp Cookies

Chocolate and whole wheat flour make for a healthy, wholesome cookie. These cookies are made with whole wheat flour, dark chocolate chips, and oats to create a delicious treat that is also nutritious. 

The recipe only requires a few ingredients and can be made quickly in about 20 minutes with just one bowl.

9. White Chocolate Nut Cookie

White chocolate nut cookies are a delicious dessert that is perfect for the holidays. They are made with white chocolate, walnuts, and pecans.

The ingredients in this recipe are simple and easy to find. The only thing you need to make these cookies is a bowl, spoon, baking sheet, and oven.

10. Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheels on the table

Wagon Wheels are a type of cookie that is popular in the United States. They are made from a dough that is rolled into a log, then cut into slices and baked. The dough is usually flavored with cinnamon and sugar.

11. White Chocolate Brownies

White chocolate brownies are a dessert that is made with white chocolate and cocoa powder. They are usually baked in a square pan and cut into squares.

12. White Chocolate Cookies

White chocolate cookies are a type of cookie that is made with white chocolate instead of regular chocolate. They are often served as a dessert or snack.

The recipe for these cookies is similar to that of a traditional chocolate chip cookie, but it uses white chocolate instead of dark or milk chocolate.

13. White Coconut Cake

This is a traditional cake that is made with coconut milk, sugar, flour, eggs, and butter. It is usually served with whipped cream or ice cream.

The white coconut cake has a light and fluffy texture that makes it perfect for any occasion. It can be served as an afternoon snack or as a dessert after dinner.

14. Wheat Cake

Wheat cake is a type of cake that is made from wheat flour, sugar, eggs, butter and milk. It is usually served with fruit or jam.

The first mention of wheat cakes in English literature was in the 17th century. The earliest known recipe for wheat cakes was published in 1806 by Eliza Leslie.

15. Watermelon Cake

Now that summer is here, and people are looking for light and refreshing desserts. One of the most popular desserts is watermelon cake. This cake is made with fresh watermelon, cream cheese, and whipped cream for a delightful summer dessert.

What Foods Start With W: 31 Extras

Waikiki Cocktails

Here are a few W foods extras you might need:

1. White Mulberry

2. Waffle Pizza

3. Winter Vegetable Soup

4. Waikiki Cocktail

5. Wild Orange

6. Wild Jack

7. Waffle Crisp

8. Warsaw Hering

9. Watery Rose Apple

10. Wild Strawberry

11. Waldorf Cocktail

12. Whitebark

13. Winter Apple Pie

14. Walk In The Park

15. Wax Apple

Fresh rose apple on banana leaf

16. Witlof

17. Winter Smoothie

18. Walters

19. Walking Tacos

20. Wood-apple

21. Walla Wall Onion

22. White Aspen Berry

23. Wild Peach

24. Warbine Cooler

25. Wood Pigeon

26. Water Mimosa

27. Wampee

28. Warabi Mochi

29. Waterbloommetjiebredie

30. Whitebark Raspberry

31. Wheat Laddoo

Know Your Foods Starting With W

The letter W is the 23rd letter in the English alphabet. It is a consonant, which means that it makes a sound when it is pronounced.

I hope you have learned everything you need to know about foods that start with W. Now it is time to finally win that game or to learn more English. Good luck!

90 Wonderous Foods That Start With W (Whole Meals + Snacks)