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15 Most Eaten Food In The World: Giants Of The Food World

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We all love food. It is one of the most pleasing things in the world. You eat when you are hungry, of course, but you eat when you are not in a good mood, when you’re bored, or when you see your favorite piece of food you can’t resist.

We all have our favorite food, but did you ever wonder what food is most loved by the whole world population? That is the exact topic I am going to talk about today in terms of the list of the most-eaten food in the world.

Food eaten here in America makes up most of this list, but you have to note that there are other countries and continents and that they are also a big factor that contributes to this list of most popular foods in the world.

That particularly includes Asia and Asian countries, which are the most populated parts of the world.

So, don’t be surprised when you see some food on this list that is not most commonly eaten here in America. But, enough with this intro. Let’s finally see what are the foods that are most popular on this little planet.

15 Most Eaten Food In The World

Here is the ultimate list of the best food, not only in America but in the whole wide world.

1. Pizza


I chose pizza to be the first food on the list of most eaten food in the world because it is definitely one of the most eaten ones, most popular, and most delicious ones.

One might think that this is an American dish considering that Americans consume 23 pounds of pizza per year, whether is it mini pizza, 10-inch pizza, or very large one.

But, actually, this popular dish originates from Italy, a country that is the home of so many delicious and famous dishes.

The base of this Italian classic is a thin dough that can be topped with almost anything, but it is mostly topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Really, the type of pizza, and there are a lot of them, is determined by the main ingredients.

But, I can assure you that whatever type you choose, you really can’t go wrong because, hey, it’s pizza, one of the most loved foods on the planet.

2. Pasta


Italians surely are the masters of cooking since there are two of their products at the top of the list of the most eaten food in the world.

And, again, one of their native foods was able to dominate America’s cooking scene. And not just America, but also Canada, Spain, and some Asian countries as well.

There are many types of dishes in which pasta has its place, but one of the most popular is certainly spaghetti, especially here in America. In Europe, particularly in Italy and Spain, all sorts of pasta types are consumed on a regular basis by a whopping 80% of people.

This fact alone can tell why this staple food is one of the most popular in the cooking world. I also have to emphasize that this food is also very nutritious and filling since it possesses a high level of protein and carbohydrates.

So, when you are really hungry, make some spaghetti and you will solve the problem in no time.

3. Eggs


Third on my list of the most eaten food in the world is eggs, a staple food of probably every kitchen in the world. There are not many recipes in the culinary world that do not include eggs as one of the main ingredients.

Eggs can be found in both savory and sweet dishes, and they are one of the main ingredients when it comes to most desserts. It also must be emphasized that eggs are one of the most healthy foods out there. They are one of the best food sources of pure protein and healthy cholesterol.

Alongside this fact, there are also facts that say that eggs are relatively cheap and easy to find in most grocery stores. They are also easy to prepare and, as I already said, they can be used in many dishes. So, considering all these facts, it is easy to conclude why eggs are at the top of this list.

Eggs are most popular in European countries that include Germany, France, Portugal, and Spain, where they are used by about 80% of the population. They are also used in Japan and India at a level of about 70%.

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4. Rice


Rice is not as popular as pizza and pasta, especially here in the West, but it certainly is one of the cuisine staples in some Asian countries including the Philippines, China, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

These countries have about 30% of rice consumption on the global scale and the Philippines lead the way.

When you consider these countries and realize their population numbers, you can understand why rice is at the top of this list. It is estimated that in India alone, about 2 billion people consume rice three times a day.

And in China, that number is about 1 billion. These are some mind-blowing numbers, for sure. It is also very popular in Africa and some parts of Latin America.

Rice also possesses great nutritional value since it is full of proteins and carbs. There are three main types of rice and those are white, brown, and black rice.

Black and brown rice are more nutritious than the first one and that is why they can be found in many health food stores and Chinese stores here in the USA. So, if you want some diversity in your kitchen, as well as some extra nutrients, rice is a great option.

5. Chicken


I am sure that most of you have been wondering where the heck is chicken? considering that most of us cannot imagine a day or two without this popular food. There are so many dishes that include chicken that it would be almost impossible to count them all.

It can be stewed, boiled, roasted, fried, grilled, or baked. Here in the United States, fried chicken is one of the most popular types of fast food.

But, chicken is not only used as an ingredient in fast food, but it is also the main ingredient in some very healthy dishes like, perhaps, a chicken salad which is very popular among people who follow a healthy diet.

Chicken is full of protein and calcium, so it is not a surprise that it is very popular among bodybuilders.

It is also a type of food that can be easily frozen and defrosted. So, if you have some extra chicken, you can freely freeze chicken and defrost it, and immediately use it in your favorite chicken dishes.

6. Bread


Bread is a story in itself. You can’t imagine eating most dishes without using this cuisine staple. It can be the main ingredient in some dishes, a side ingredient, as well as a side dish in many cases.

Also, bread has its place in Christianity as the type of food that is mentioned most often in the Bible. So, considering that Western civilization has its roots in Christianity, it is really not a surprise that this food found its place on the list of the most eaten food in the world.

Bread is mainly made out of white wheat but, of course, there are some other types as well, like that made out of whole grains, gluten-free bread like that made from almond flour, for example.

Those types of bread are trendy nowadays since there is new evidence to demonstrate that gluten is not good for our health. There is also cheese bread that is very popular in Brazil.

Nowadays, bread is mostly eaten as a sandwich, as a toast, and it can even be used to make sauces and crusts. One interesting fact is that 12 billion sandwiches are eaten every year in the UK and that means that 389 sandwiches are consumed every second.

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7. Cheeseburger


A cheeseburger is basically a hamburger topped with a lot of cheese. We can conclude that this is a kind of upgrade to the hamburger itself made by Americans.

It distinguished itself from other types of hamburgers and became the most popular food in the United States of America.

The main ingredients of this popular American food are similar to those inside every other type of burger and the most commonly used meat is ground beef. The most commonly used types of cheese include Swiss, American, and other meltable cheeses.

Also, some popular toppings include tomato, lettuce, onions, bacon, pickles, avocado, cheese sauce, or chili, and lots of other toppings.

I have to mention McDonald’s since it is one of the most popular producers of cheeseburgers, not just in the United States, but worldwide.

A McDonald’s Cheeseburger contains about 150 calories and, believe it or not, it is not even close to some classic cheeseburgers that range from 400 to 700 calories on average.

One more interesting fact is that 71% of the beef served in restaurants comes in cheeseburgers, and that is a fact that tells you a lot.

8. Burrito


Although it originates from Mexico, the burrito is extremely popular here in the United States. It is consumed in every country and city in the US, but Chicago is at the top of the list. The reason for that is El Pollo Loco, the most famous burrito chain in the country.

This Mexican dish is a very simple one since its main ingredient is a tortilla that can be filled with various ingredients.

A tortilla is mostly made out of unleavened cornmeal or, sometimes, wheat flour. And the ingredients most often include meat and refried beans, though that is mostly the case in Mexico alone.

In the US, ingredients can include Spanish rice, boiled beans, salsa, lettuce, meat, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and many types of veggies. Some popular types of burritos include breakfast burritos, burrito bowls, wet burritos, and chimichangas.

In recent times, Sushirrito has been trending. Sushirrito is the ultimate blend of classic Japanese Sushi and a classic Mexican burrito. And it is also the ultimate blend of healthy and delicious. You could not ask for better!

9. Apples


Unlike other food items on this interesting list, apples are fruits. But that doesn’t mean that they are less valuable or less popular. Most of the others are savory dishes and this one is sweet and on its own so that fact gives it an extra value.

Apple is one incredibly sweet gift of nature that is, at the same time, really delicious and extremely healthy. Because of its nutritional value, there is a famous phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

So, when you are on a kind of diet in which sugar is restricted but you find yourself craving sugar, an apple is the perfect solution.

And the choice is definitely huge. There are 7500 varieties of apples that are grown around the world and 100 varieties that are commercially grown in the United States.

If you don’t like that juicy and crispy form of fresh apple, there are a lot of other solutions including apple treats, puddings, pies, and many kinds of sweets. You just can’t go wrong.

10. Soup


And, of course, there is soup. Who hasn’t tasted this delicious and healthy liquid at least once in their life? I really don’t know anyone. If anything, you had to consume it at least when you were sick because hot soup is extremely good for colds and flu.

You can eat soup in various forms including cold, stew, broth, goulash, and canned. Its main ingredient is water alongside some spices and salt, and most often, various veggies.

The most popular type of soup in the US is chicken noodle soup, and Americans consume about 10 billion bowls of soup each year, which is a huge number.

Besides vegetable soups, which are the most popular versions, there are fruit soups as well. One of the most popular ones is berry soups which are a unique combination of sweet and tart flavors.

So, as you can see, there are no real limits when it comes to soups. It is all up to your culinary imagination to make the most delicious soup.

One of the most popular soups in Turkey is Ezogelin Corba which is a zesty soup.

11. Tacos


Alongside burritos, tacos are considered one of the most popular Mexican dishes. Actually, it is a national dish of Mexico whose main ingredient is a tortilla filled with various fillings.

Actually, the filling can be anything. And that is the main difference between tacos and some other very similar Mexican dishes like chimichangas, enchilada, and burritos.

Unlike burritos, tacos are not that popular in the US, but, in Mexico, you can find them practically anywhere – on the streets, in restaurants, homes, grills, honestly anywhere. So, you can conclude that Mexicans are the ones who are guilty of creating tacos’ huge popularity.

Although you can put anything you want on some soft and delicious tortilla and you will have your tacos, there is one standard version that is very popular in Mexico and it includes shredded meat, cheese, potatoes, or vegetables and a topping of onions and coriander.

12. Ice Cream

ice cream

Finally, there is some sweet stuff. And not just ordinary sweet stuff but our all favorite ice cream. It is a dessert loved by many, especially on hot summer days since it’s so refreshing.

It is estimated that about 15.4 billion liters of ice cream is consumed per year and vanilla is the most popular one.

But, I also have to emphasize that most people do not know that the sweet version of ice cream is not the only version.

There really are savory ice creams with main ingredients including smoked bacon and egg, black pepper, chili, and even black pudding. I know that this doesn’t sound appealing, but there are people who enjoy these kinds of ice cream.

One more important thing that you should know about ice cream is about ice crystals in it. If you find ice crystals in your cup of ice cream, that is a sign that it has been refrozen, so you should not consume it since that is not a good thing for your health!

13. Tofu


Tofu is one of the most popular foods in Asia and it is an especially common food in China. In that country, tofu is considered a healthy substitute for meat.

Tofu is also widely consumed in some other countries like Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is also popular in some European countries like Greece where it is used for making vegan Greek salad, as well as in Thai cuisine.

This Chinese food is a great choice for vegans and vegetarians since it is full of plant-based protein. It can be used in many savory dishes alongside some condiments like olive oil and some other seasonings.

It can be grilled, fried, stewed, baked, roasted, deep-fried, braised, and steamed. It can also be used in some kinds of healthy desserts.

Tofu is most popular for its high nutritional value since it is high in calcium, iron, and protein. It is also low in calories which makes it an ideal choice for those people on some kinds of restricted diets.

14. French Fries

french fries

French fries or Pommes Frites is one of the most eaten foods in the world. Although one may think that they originate from France since it has “French” in its name, they were actually created in Belgium. They are made by deep frying dried potato strips in a regular or convection oven.

French fries are often salted and can be served with vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchup, tomato sauce, or other condiments. Its crispness on the outside and softness on the inside makes it a great choice for dipping into sauces.

It also has some nutritional value since they are rich in fiber and protein. So, rather than them being considered fast food, they also have some health benefits which make it a very desirable food to consume.

There are many French fries varieties, but I would suggest you try Kennebec fries, as you certainly won’t be disappointed.

15. Paella


Last, but not least, on the list of the most eaten food in the world is a Spanish rice dish called paella. It has been eaten for many years and it is still very popular, especially in Spain. Its popularity is also high in former Spanish colonies, especially those in South America.

Paella has exactly 10 ingredients that include short-grain rice, rabbit, chicken, water, tomatoes, wide green beans, saffron, olive oil, garrofo beans, and salt. Other popular ingredients may include seafood, artichoke, Peking duck, snails, paprika, or rosemary.

The hometown of this interesting and delicious dish is Valencia. It got its name from the pan that it was cooked in. Paella is the pan in which the rice is cooked. The best way to eat paella is straight from the pan and any respectable restaurant serves this traditional Spanish dish in this way.

I personally haven’t heard about paella before a really good friend of mine and his roommate from Valencia paid me a visit. Since he is a foodie like me, we immediately started a discussion about food.

In that discussion, I found out about this amazing dish, as well as how to make one. The very next day, I made paella for my family and friends. In this picture, you can see what it looked like 5 minutes before it disappeared.

paella in a casserole dish

Final Verdict

So, the ultimate list of most eaten food in the world is finally here.

Most of these foods are very popular in the Western world but there are some dishes that are not very popular here in the US. The main reason that they found their place on this list is the well-populated countries in Asia where they are very popular.

But, your only task is to choose one of the world-famous foods from this list and I am sure that you won’t go wrong.