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How Many Slices In A 10-Inch Pizza? 10-Inch Pizza Info

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Pizza is a culinary classic that provokes water in most people’s mouths.

Although many people tend to say that pizza is an American dish since Americans eat approximately 300 slices of pizza every day, it is actually an Italian product.

It used to be a food for poor people, where they used thin pizza dough to put some leftovers on it and eat that to survive.

However, once food for the poor, it became extremely popular all over the world. Today, an average American can’t imagine a week without visiting his favorite pizza place and experiencing the pizza serve.

But, since it is so delicious, no one wants to be deprived of a slice of pizza or, on the other hand, throw away leftover pizza. That’s why the question of pizza size is frequently asked.

One of the questions stands out and reads “How many slices are in a 10-inch pizza?”. Well, the average number of slices that a ten-inch pizza can provide is 6.

However, if you want to learn more about this 10-inch pie, I suggest you continue reading.

How Many Slices In A 10-Inch Pizza?

pizza served on cutting board

So, what is the number of slices in one 10-inch pizza?

When you find yourself in a pizzeria or you order a round pizza with 10 inches at home, it will usually be sliced into 6 pieces. However, that’s not the rule. In some pizzerias, you will find that the 10-inch pizza is sliced into 8 or even 10 slices.

Logically, those slices will be smaller in size. Don’t be fooled into thinking you got more pizza just because it’s cut into smaller slices. It is the same size of the pizza, just sliced differently.

How Big Is A 10-Inch Pizza?

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Generally speaking, there are personal-sized pizzas, small-sized pizzas, medium-sized pizzas, large pizzas, and extra-large pizzas.

Personal pizza: It is the smallest type of pizza that you can order and it typically has a diameter of 6-7 inches.

Small Pizza: This is the pizza that I am talking about in today’s article. Small-sized pizza typically has a diameter of 8-10 inches so it is obvious that 10-inch pizza belongs to the group of small pizzas.

• Medium Pizza: Medium-sized pizzas typically have a diameter of about 12 inches so it is a bit bigger type of pizza than our 10-inches pizza.

• Large Pizza: Large pizzas are those which have a 14-inches diameter (14-inch pizzas) and they are significantly bigger than 10-inch pizzas.

• Extra-Large Pizza: If there is a group of really hungry people at the pizza party, then an extra-large pizza is a great solution since it has a 2 inch larger size than a large pizza, i.e. 16 inches. It will satisfy the appetite of the diners for sure.

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Is 10-Inch Pizza Personal Pizza?

cut up pizza

No, a 10-inch pizza doesn’t belong to a group of personal-sized pizzas. Personal-sized pizzas are the smallest type of pizza that you can order. The diameter is typically around 7 inches.

That is about 38.5 square inches of pizza. On the other hand, although small, a 10-inch pizza is a bit larger than a 7-inch pizza since it belongs to the group of small-sized pizzas.

Those small-sized pizzas have a diameter of around 8-10 inches and which is roughly 50-78.5 square inches of the area of the pizza.

What Is The Weight Of a 10-Inch Pizza?

hot pizza

When it comes to the average weight of 10-inch pizza, it typically weighs about 15-16 ounces or about one pound. That is about 453 grams of pizza.

However, that is just the average weight. The real number depends on the type and the amount of topping, as well as the thickness of the crust.

10-inch pizzas with a thin crust usually weigh about 12-20 ounces. On the other hand, 10-inch pizzas with thicker crusts can weigh up to 30-34 pounds.

Deep dish pizza, also known as pan pizza, has a thicker crust for example so it has a bigger weight.

And of course, there is also the number of ingredients on the pizza that determine how much the pizza will weigh. For example, if there are multiple toppings on the pizza, that pizza will weigh more than the pizza with just one topping, which is quite logical of course.

How Many Calories In A 10-Inch Pizza?


The average number of calories in the 10-inch pizza is around 1000 calories for the whole pizza. Since the average number of slices in a 10-inch pizza is 6, then by using simple math, you can conclude that the average number of calories in one slice is around 166 calories.

However, just like is the case with the weight of the pizza, the exact number of calories depends on the type of topping, as well as the thickness of the crust. Obviously, the thicker the crust, the more calories in the pizza will be. Thin-crust pizza has fewer calories.

When it comes to topping, plain cheese pizza has fewer calories than, for example, a meat lover pizza. Also, the topping that contains more veggies like mushrooms, broccoli, onions, green peppers, and tomatoes, has fewer calories than the one with sausage and pepperoni.

I would also recommend you choose pizza with more veggies since it has less sodium and preservatives than the previously mentioned one. A preservative called sodium nitrate can increase the risk of heart disease.

Pizza is one of the most-eaten foods in the world, so it is very important to know how much calories will the general population get from it.

How Many Does A 10-Inch Pizza Feed?

close shot of a cut up pizza

The number of pizza slices from the 10-inch pizza should be enough for up to 3 average persons.

I say this from my own experience since I know that most people are satisfied with 2 slices of pizza and that is the average number of slices that 10-inch pizza can provide 3 people with.

However, there are a few factors that determine the exact answer to this question. The first one is the appetite of diners of course. The bigger the appetite, the more slices they will require.

I think that if there is a group of 3 people that are really hungry, you should order a medium-sized pizza, i.e. a 12-inch pizza.

The second factor is the thickness of the crust. The thicker the crust, the fewer slices of pizza you will need.

And there is also the topping on the pizza. Pizzas with cheese are less filling than those with sausage, for example. Also, if there are multiple toppings, I am sure that you won’t need more than 2 slices per person.

And, finally, there is the question of whether there are any side dishes. If there are some side dishes like breadsticks, wings, pasta, etc., then there is definitely no need for more than 2 slices of 10-inch pizza, and sometimes even more than 1 slice.

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hand taking a piece of pizza

How Many Slices Is A 10-Inch Pizza Dominos?

There are usually 6 slices in Dominos 10-inch pizza. However, sometimes the number can be 8, but you will usually find 6 slices.

I, for example, frequently order this pizza and I always get 6 slices. However, one of my best friends found 8 pieces once when he ordered his Dominos 10-inch pizza.

So I guess that the final answer to this question is 6-8 slices of Dominos 10-inch pizza.

How Many Slices In A 10-Inch Papa John’s Pizza?

Just like the Dominos 10-inch pizza, a 10-inch Papa John’s pizza also contains 6 slices. That is the small original crust pizza and hand tossed original crust pizza cut into 6 slices.

What Is The Diameter Of A 10-Inch Pizza?

A 10-inch pizza has a diameter of 10 inches and a circumference of 31.5 inches. When it comes to the total area of this pizza, it is estimated at about 78.4 square inches.

How Big Is A 12-Inch Pizza?

A 12-inch pizza has a diameter of 12 inches and a circumference of about 37.7 inches. When it comes to the total area of a 12-inch pizza, it is estimated at about 113.05 square inches.

A 12-inch pizza is usually sliced in 8 slices, but it can sometimes be sliced in 10 slices as well. That mainly depends on the pizzeria from which you are ordering your 12-inch pizza.

How Big Is 10-inch Square Pizza?

Square pizza in general, isn’t categorized like this, but this 10-inch square pizza is called like this because it has the same total area as 10-inch round pizza, i.e. it has a total area of about 78 square inches.

Bottom Line

close shot of pizza

And here are my final words about 10-inch pizza. Although 10-inch pizza usually isn’t enough for your get-together, it can serve quite well a group of 3 average people that can be satisfied with two good slices of delicious pizza.

So, how many slices in a 10-inch pizza? Well, 10-inch pizza can provide you with 6 slices on average. However, sometimes a 10-inch pizza can be sliced into 8 pieces that will be smaller of course.

It belongs to the group of small pizzas that weighs about one pound, and has about 1000 calories.

How Many Slices In A 10-Inch Pizza 10-Inch Pizza Info