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How To Make Wintermelon Milk Tea From Scratch At Home

How To Make Wintermelon Milk Tea From Scratch At Home

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Some might think that boba tea is a drink for kids, but it is actually a beverage for all ages. It comes in many different flavors and has a variety of benefits.

The most popular boba tea flavors are green tea, honeydew, taro, and mango. The beverage is made by steeping boba pearls in hot water and sugar for about two minutes. The pearls dissolve into the liquid, giving the drink its chewy texture.

In fact, wintermelon milk tea is an unknown version many of us forget about. But, once you try it, it is sure to become your favorite. That is why I prepared a guide to this amazing tea and everything you need to know about it.

Understanding The Basics Of Wintermelon Milk Tea

winter melon

Wintermelon Milk Tea is a popular Taiwanese drink made of milk tea and winter melon. The drink is very refreshing on a hot summer day.

In this article, we will explore the basics of Wintermelon Milk Tea and how to make it at home. Next up are some basics you need to know.

What Is Wintermelon?

Wintermelon is a fruit that is grown in the cold winter months. It has a hard texture and a bright orange color. The fruit has a sweet taste and can be eaten fresh or used in desserts like pies, tarts, and cobblers.

It is a type of squash which has both zucchini and yellow summer squash in its genetic makeup. It is a hybrid fruit that has been developed to grow in colder climates than where other types of squash would grow.

Wintermelon is a type of fruit that has sweet flesh and is usually eaten fresh. Winter melon, or ash gourd, is a mild-tasting and popular ingredient in Asian cuisines.

Its popularity comes from its widespread use spectrum, which includes warm climates such as Asia or America. Wintermelon fruit has a sweet, tangy flavor with a hint of citrus. It can be eaten raw or cooked, and it can be used in salads, desserts, and drinks.

In addition to being consumed as a snack, wintermelon can also be used in cooking since its flavor lends itself well to dishes such as ice cream or sorbet.

What Is Milk Tea Or Boba Tea?

woman drinking boba tea

Milk tea is a type of tea that is made with milk and sugar. It is also known as bubble tea or boba tea.

Boba tea is a type of iced milk tea that has tapioca pearls in it. The pearls are made from the starch extracted from cassava root and are then boiled in water to create a jelly-like substance.

Boba teas are typically found in Asian countries like China, Taiwan, and Japan. Milk tea is a type of iced tea that has been mixed with sweetened condensed milk.

It is served cold and usually topped with tapioca pearls or jelly cubes. The drink can be served comprising either black tea or green tea, depending on the type of drink.

If you add black tea, it becomes Okinawa milk tea, but you can also add oolong tea, fruit tea, jasmine tea leaves, matcha, latte, oat creamer, or anything else that comes to your boba lover’s mind.

This drink has become popular all around the world due to its unique taste and health benefits, like reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. In the end, it looks cute and social medic worthy, so it’s extra popular.

What Is Winter Melon Milk Tea?

Winter melon milk tea is a popular drink in China. It is made from winter melon, which is a type of squash that grows in the winter. The drink has a sweet taste, and it can be served hot or cold.

It is made by blending winter melon, milk, and green tea. Winter melon milk tea has a unique taste that is slightly sweet with a hint of sourness. It’s refreshing and cooling on the palate. The drink can be enjoyed anytime during the day or at night.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy this drink is to add it to hot water as a cold beverage or make it into iced form by adding ice cubes to the cup first.

Winter melon milk tea is a drink that many people enjoy as it has a light taste and sweet flavor. It is usually served hot or cold with sweetener, ice, or both. If you ask me, the drink tastes best when the water temperature used to make it is around 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Does Winter Melon Taste Like?

Yes, the wintermelon flavor and watermelon have something to do with each other. Winter melon tastes like a mix of honeydew, cucumber, and watermelon.

Winter melon is a type of squash that is native to China. It has a sweet and sour taste and can be eaten raw or cooked in the form of fruit syrup.

It is also known as Chinese melon and has a flavor similar to honeydew. The flesh is white and juicy, with a sweet, slightly sour taste.

The best way to eat winter melon is by cutting it in half and scooping out the flesh with a spoon. You can also chop it up into smaller pieces, which makes it easier to eat.

How Does Wintermelon Milk Tea Taste?

Wintermelon Milk Tea is made from milk, sugar, and tea leaves. The taste of wintermelon milk tea is sweet and refreshing.

As a new tea drinker, I was curious to find out what made it so special. I was surprised to find out that wintermelon milk tea was a popular choice among many people. This tasty brew has a sweet and refreshing taste that can’t be beaten.

Its color is light green, and it has a slightly sour but still extra sweet taste. The drink can also be served hot or cold. Wintermelon Milk Tea tastes like a mix of watermelon and honeydew melon with some hints of cranberry and raspberry mixed in.

It is a type of fruit tea made from dried winter melon, also known as Chinese watermelon and milk. The taste of this drink is intense.

The flavor is slightly sweet with a hint of bitterness. The drink has a refreshing taste that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Challenges Of Making Wintermelon Milk Tea At Home

boba milk tea

Wintermelon Milk Tea is a popular drink in China during winter. Making it at home is easier than one might think, but there are some challenges in the process. This article will discuss the challenges and provide tips on how to make this delicious drink at home.

Where Can I Find Fresh Wintermelon?

Fresh wintermelon is a seasonal fruit that is available in the fall. It is a cross between a watermelon and a honeydew melon. The best place to find fresh wintermelon is at your local farmer’s market or grocery store.

Wintermelon is a popular fruit in the winter season. It is native to southeast Asia and northern India. It is a member of the Citrullus lanatus species, which includes watermelon, casaba melon, and honeydew melon.

Fresh wintermelon is a seasonal fruit that is only available during the fall to winter months. To find fresh wintermelon, you can go to your local farmer’s market or farmer’s market in your area.

How To Pick Out Good Wintermelon?

The best way to pick out a good wintermelon is to look for one that has a deep or light green color with no brown spots on the skin.

The wintermelon is a small-to-medium-sized fruit that grows on a vine and has an oblong shape with smooth skin that may be green or yellow-green in color. The flesh of the wintermelon is usually white or cream-colored with light streaks when ripe.

Wintermelon should be ripe when it is soft enough to squeeze between your fingers. The skin should be shiny, and the flesh should give slightly when squeezed gently but not too much.

Syrup vs. Powdered Wintermelon

Powdered wintermelon is a type of wintermelon that has been ground into a powder. It is used in many different recipes, including smoothies, desserts, and drinks.

Syrup wintermelon is a type of wintermelon that has been juiced into a sugar syrup. You can make your own syrup or use store-bought, but I prefer homemade wintermelon syrup.

The difference between syrup and powdered wintermelon is that the former is made from pure juice, and the latter is made from pure pulp.

Many people have this misconception that wintermelon has to be used in a certain way. However, it can be eaten in many different ways: as a drink, as a dessert, or even in a savory dish.

It’s important to know which type of wintermelon you are buying because they have different flavors, textures, and consistencies.

Nutritional Facts For Your Wintermelon Boba Tea

Wonder what exactly is inside your wintermelon drink? These nutritional facts go for one serving or 100 ml of wintermelon boba tea:

• Calories: 150 kcal

• Carbohydrates: 35 g

• Protein: 1 g

• Fat: 1 g

• Sodium: 10 mg

• Sugar: 35 g

Health Benefits Of Wintermelon Drinks

sliced winter melon

Wintermelon Boba Tea is a hot drink that has a refreshing taste. It’s made of fresh fruit and spices. The drink is a perfect blend of sweet and sour.

This recipe can be enjoyed all year round, but it’s especially great to enjoy in the wintertime when you want something hot to warm up your body.

This drink has been around for decades, but its popularity has increased recently due to its health benefits. Wintermelon Milk Tea contains vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and more.

Wintermelon Boba Tea is packed with vitamins like vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin A. The antioxidant properties in it help fight off infections and diseases like colds, flu, and cancer. It’s also vegan-friendly so that you can enjoy it without guilt!

Wintermelon is a fruit that is known for its health benefits. It can be used as a remedy for diabetes, digestion problems, and high blood pressure.

Wintermelon has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It helps the body’s immune system function properly by boosting the production of white blood cells and antibodies.

It helps in fighting off infections and viruses by boosting the production of natural killer cells in the body. Wintermelon also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with arthritis and other joint pain.

Tips For Making Winter Melon Bubble Tea

After looking at the basics of wintermelon tea, it’s finally time to start talking about making it. Here are the tips for making Winter Melon Bubble Tea:

1. Add honey to the water before boiling it. Then, boil the water for about 3 minutes before adding the tea bags or leaves.

2. Start with fresh-brewed loose-leaf green or black teas. These teas will give the perfect flavor to your drink. Then you can add tapioca pearls to make your iced milk tea extra creamy and chewy!

3. Add milk after boiling and let it cool down to room temperature before pouring it into your glass.

4. The fragrant aromatic notes of the melon meld with light honey and cinnamon notes to create a subtly complex flavor.

5. Switch up your cold drink with a warm boba tea, and use pearls as an alternative to ice cubes.

6. Use fresh winter melon, not dried winter melon. Dried winter melons are too hard and won’t give you the desired result.

7. If you’re using frozen winter melon, make sure it’s thawed out first before you use it in your drink.

Wintermelon Milk Tea Recipe: How To Make Wintermelon Milk Tea

Wintermelon Milk Tea

The prep time for this recipe is up to 2 hours due to the time needed to prepare the wintermelon syrup, and the total time to make the drink is up to 10 minutes.

This recipe is perfect for those winter days when you need a pick-me-up, but it can also be drunk during summer.


For Syrup

• 2 medium wintermelons

• 1 cup brown sugar

• 3 tablespoons rock sugar

For Tea

• 1 tablespoon sugar

• 1 tablespoon jasmine tea leaves (or other tea filters)

• 2 tablespoons wintermelon syrup

• 2 tablespoons milk or creamer

• Ice cubes and boba balls


For Wintermelon Syrup

1. Wash, peel, deseed, and cut the wintermelon into small chunks. Heat a pot or skillet and add the wintermelon chunks and cover with both sugar types. Just make sure to add it gradually.

2. Set it on a low heat and simmer for one hour. Don’t forget to stir so the fruit doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot, and let the water boil.

3. Cook until the wintermelon turns transparent and the water becomes syrup. When this happens, let the pot cool and then strain it.

For Tea

1. Prepare boba balls according to the instructions on the package or make your own at home.

2. Brew jasmine or other tea of your choice by boiling water and adding the filter or leaves to the tea, and wait for it to infuse for up to 5 minutes.

3. Use a large cup and add milk, boba, syrup, and tea into the cup. Add ice cubes if you want your tea ice cold or hot tea if you need warmth.

If you want to see more, check out this video that features an easy way to make your own wintermelon milk tea coffee shop-style:

Know Your Wintermelon Drink

There are many variations of bubble tea: green tea, black tea, fruit tea, and so on. The most common variation is milk tea because it is the most popular among the different types of bubble teas.

I sure hope you liked wintermelon milk tea as much as I did, and I don’t mean just reading about it, but also making it from scratch.

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