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What Does Red Bull Taste Like? 10 Editions With Specific Tastes

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Red Bull doesn’t actually give you wings, but it has one of the most DISTINCT flavors! This popular drink is now available in 171 countries around the world and has been translated into more than 15 languages. 

But what does Red Bull taste like for those of us that haven’t had the chance to try it (or for those of us who lack the right words to describe this “exciting drink”)? 

SIMPLE ANSWER: Red Bull tastes like a sour soda mixed with some cough syrup and tropical fruit.

If you’re looking for a more detailed description of how the Red Bull and its special editions taste like, you’ll find it below!

The Original Red Bull Flavor (According To My Taste Buds)

fresh red bull with ice cubes

When I tried the original Red Bull for the first time, its strong flavor literally shocked my taste buds. However, I’ve realized that as you continue drinking it, you become accustomed to its tangy aftertaste and that’s when the energy drink becomes surprisingly TASTY!

VERDICT: The original Red Bull provides a refreshing and tangy aftertaste with touches of citrus. It is less bitter than the sugar-free and caffeine-free flavors.

Carbonated and sweet are two more words that perfectly describe the original flavor of Red Bull. Still, it is much less sweet than other flavors, such as blueberry and raspberry (at least, according to my taste buds).

There are also people who say that this energy drink tastes like cough syrup (I see my friend Tara nodding 😅). Indeed, it has some similarities with cough syrup but this flavor is not that dominant. 

Let’s see how other people described the taste of Red Bull when trying it for the first time:

10 Red Bull Editions With Specific Tastes  

Apart from the original Red Bull, this energy drink has several editions made of different kinds of fruit that provide specific flavors. Below you’ll find my personal review of the 10 Red Bull editions with specific tastes

1. Red Bull Zero

Red Bull Zero has a thicker consistency than other energy drinks on the list and it has this aftertaste of carbonated water. This also goes for the sugar free version. Also, this type of energy drink has a mild taste that is less sweet than other Red Bull versions. 

What is the difference between Red Bull Zero and Red Bull Sugarfree? 

Red Bull Zero and Red Bull Sugarfree contain the same main ingredients and both are made without sugars. The only difference is that these two drinks use different low calorie sweeteners, and they have a different taste. 

2. Red Bull Sugarfree

red bull sugarfree

Red Bull Sugarfree is about as thick as soda water. It has a more refreshing taste than Red Bull zero and the artificial “fruit” flavor is not that present. This Red Bull variation provides more sourness and it’s extra fizzy. 

3. The Yellow Edition (Tropical taste)

The Yellow Edition has medium carbonation and a light bitterness. The tropical taste is vaguely fruity and tropical, as the name implies. It has a middle range sweetness

The Yellow Edition is one of my favorites because it gives you that fruity taste without much sweetness. It’s a great refresher drink during summer days! 

4. The White Edition (Coconut-Berry) 

In the Coconut-Berry Edition, the berry is the more dominant flavor than the coconut, whereas the flavor of coconut tastes more like an undertone. 

The coconut is smooth and sweet, while the berry has a robust, sweet and tangy flavor. The aftertaste of this drink is neither heavy nor too sweet, but the carbonation is strong.

5. The Blue Edition (Blueberry)

When I tried this energy drink for the first time, I realized that its taste is similar to cranberry juice with an aftertaste of blueberry. Don’t get me wrong! 

The Blue Edition is absolutely delicious, and the blueberry flavor is more than refreshing since it also provides a slight acidity. It has a slightly sweet taste with an acidic aftertaste. 

6. The Red Edition (Watermelon)

The Red Edition of Red Bull has some sweet flavors coming from watermelon. This refreshing drink also has some sour notes that don’t taste too fake (if you know what I mean). 

Actually, the taste of this Red Bull is different for everyone. Some of my friends say that it tastes like fruit punch, while others say it tastes like bubblegum.

7. The Peach Edition (Peach-Nectarine)

The Peach Edition is one of the most refreshing energy drinks on this list and it, surprisingly, has a cloudy white color. 

The flavor and smell of this energy drink is almost the same as fruit-flavored gummies. If you’re a fan of gummies, then you’ll definitely fall in love with this energy drink just as I did. 

Due to its amazing freshness, I usually use it in various cocktail recipes.

8. The Summer Edition (Apricot-Strawberry, Cactus fruit, Juneberry)

One cannot drink Red Bull without trying these fabulous summer editions. Here’s how they taste like according to my taste buds: 

Apricot-Strawberry has a sweet strawberry flavor with a soft touch of apricots flavor

Cactus fruit has exciting berry and papaya notes. 

Juneberry has a taste of dark cherry, raisins, and blueberries with cherry hints. 

9. The Winter Edition (Pomegranate)

This type of Red Bull energy drink has a taste of tart pomegranate flavor with enough sweetness to enhance the fruitiness of the beverage. 

When I opened my first can of The Winter Edition, its strong scent overwhelmed me. I expected it to be stronger than it is. 

10. The Green Edition (Dragon fruit)

Once you try Dragon fruit, you simply cannot forget its taste! This energy drink provides a tropical burst of red berries and soft floral notes with a hint of plum

Sweetness and tanginess are very well balanced in this Red Bull energy drink which is the reason why I always come back to it. 

Red Bull Vs Other Popular Beverages

red bull drink

What are the myths, similarities and differences between Red Bull and other popular beverages? Let’s see: 

BATTLE OF GIANTS: The Original Red Bull Vs Monster

Monster and Red Bull are both popular energy drinks, and there is a lot of debate over which one tastes better. 

Generally, Monster has more caffeine and is much sweeter than Red Bull. Their flavor profiles are evidently different. Monster drinks also leave a bitter trace on your tongue, which can “sometimes” be annoying.

While it’s hard to say which one tastes better, one thing is for sure: Both energy drinks have a distinct taste! 

CAFFEINE MYTH: The Original Red Bull Vs Coffee

No, Red Bull doesn’t contain more caffeine than coffee. One 250-ml can of Red Bull Energy Drink has 80 mg of caffeine, whereas coffee has around 94.8 caffeine in one cup (depending on the type of coffee). 

NOTE: People can become addicted to coffee and other caffeinated beverages (e.g. energy drinks) due to the chemical changes that happen in the brain, which are related to the consumption of such beverages. 

If you are interested, get to know whether Sprite contains caffeine.

COLOR MYTH: The Original Red Bull Vs Beer

No, Red Bull does not taste like beer even though they have similar colors. 

The main difference between beer and Red Bull is the smell and alcohol content. Beer smells like malt and hops, while Red Bull smells like sugar. Red Bull also has a different consistency to beer – it’s more syrupy than watery.

DID YOU KNOW? Red Bull has higher levels of vitamin B6, B12, B3, B5, and B2 than beer. 

Wrapping It Up 

There are various editions of Red Bull providing different flavors. Each Red Bull Energy Drink has a distinct taste often described as tropical, tangy and sweet. 

My personal favorite is The Yellow Edition  (especially during summer days) because it has that fruity taste without “sweetness overload”. Which one is your favorite? 🤔