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6 Delicious Gluten Free Chinese Food Options 

6 Delicious Gluten Free Chinese Food Options 

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There are many reasons why people may choose to avoid gluten. For some, it can cause an allergic reaction or digestive problems like celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS).

Others may have a religious or personal belief that they follow that prohibits them from eating foods containing wheat or other grains containing gluten.

The most common way to make and eat gluten free Chinese food is by using rice noodles instead of wheat noodles, gluten free soy sauce instead of soy sauce made with wheat, and almond flour instead of wheat flour.

Gluten free Chinese food can be found at many restaurants and grocery stores. It can also be made at home with the help of gluten-free recipes. This is why I prepared a list of the most common and best Asian food options that contain no gluten.

Is Chinese Food Gluten Free? What Chinese Food Is Gluten Free?

close shot of Egg Drop Soup

No, not all Chinese food is gluten free. Chinese food can be gluten-free if it does not contain wheat, barley, or rye. Some Chinese dishes are naturally gluten-free because they do not contain these ingredients.

For example, rice noodles are gluten free Chinese food because they do not have any of these ingredients in them. 

Other dishes may be made with soy sauce or tamari sauce which are both gluten-free and can be used to replace soy sauce or tamari sauce which sometimes contains wheat.

It is a common misconception that Chinese food is gluten free because it does not contain wheat. However, soy sauce and other sauces are made with wheat and are used in many dishes.

It is important to note that many traditional Chinese dishes are gluten-free. For example, rice, rice noodles, and wheat-free soy sauce are often used in the preparation of these dishes.

The following are some of the most popular dishes that contain gluten:

Food type Carbohydrates per 100gContains Gluten
General Tso's Chicken 24 gYes
Kung Pao Chicken6 gYes
Sweet and Sour Pork22 gYes
Egg Rolls29 gYes
Mapo Tofu 7 gYes
Chow Mein67 gYes
Wonton Soup32 gYes

The Problems Of Eating Gluten Free At A Chinese Restaurant

On the list of Chinese gluten food menu items, you shouldn’t eat: Dim sum, different dumplings, Hunan wok, white sauce, teriyaki, lo mein, traditional soy sauce, appetizers with hoisin sauce, and any other kind of wrapper or bun.

Chinese food can be difficult to eat when following a gluten-free diet. Traditional Chinese dishes often contain soy sauce, which contains gluten.

Needless to say, one can also try a gluten free restaurant with Chinese or Thai food that is dedicated to making gluten free food. You can find these in San Francisco in Russian Hill, but also anywhere there is a P.F. Chang Chinese cuisine restaurant.

Eating Gluten Free At Chinese Restaurant: 6 Options

The safest option to eat is to have steamed chicken or shrimp, steamed rice, and steamed vegetables. If you’re tired of them, here are my favorite gluten free Chinese food options:

1. Egg Drop Soup

. Egg Drop Soup in white bowl

Egg Drop Soup is gluten free. It is a traditional Chinese soup that is made with eggs, chicken broth, and vegetables. This is one of my favorite gluten free Chinese dishes. Egg drop soup is served in many Asian countries. It is one of the most common soups in the world. 

There are many different variations of egg drop soup. One variation includes adding cornstarch to thicken the broth and make it more viscous. Another version includes adding soy sauce for flavor.

The ingredients in this soup are gluten-free. The only thing that may not be gluten-free is the soy sauce or oyster sauce that you add to the soup. This is why you ask for no soy sauce.

2. Fried Or Steamed Rice

A Chinese restaurant is a place where you can find fried rice, steamed rice and more. Fried rice is always gluten free, but steamed rice may or may not be gluten free.

If you want to make sure the steamed rice is gluten-free, then all you need to do is ask for a menu and read the ingredients list. Be warned, white rice is almost always there.

Also, your fried rice should be fried in a dedicated fryer, especially if you are ordering takeout. Don’t forget, you can always bring your own gluten free soy sauce to make gluten free dishes.

3. Egg Foo Young

Egg Foo Young

Egg Foo Young is like the taco for those looking for a gluten free meal, and one of my favorite menu options when it comes to gluten free Chinese food.

Egg foo young is a dish that is often served in Chinese restaurants. It is made with eggs, onions, bean sprouts, and other vegetables. This dish is gluten free because it does not contain wheat flour.

4. Rice Paper Spring Rolls

Rice paper spring rolls are gluten free and can be eaten in a Chinese restaurant. Rice paper is a wrapper that comes from rice and water with a brush to paint the sides. Rice paper wrappers don’t contain any wheat or gluten, so they are safe to eat in a Chinese restaurant.

They are typically made in the form of a log and cut into rounds for serving. When dipped in an egg-based batter, these spring rolls turn out deliciously crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

5. Chow Fun

Chow Fun

Gluten free food is becoming more and more popular in the restaurant industry. One of the reasons for this is that people are more aware of the health benefits of gluten free foods, but also because people with gluten allergies or sensitivities are demanding it.

Chow Fun is a type of stir-fried rice noodles. It’s a dish that can be found in many Chinese restaurants around the world. Chow Fun is usually made with a mixture of vegetables, meats, and other ingredients such as soy sauce, sugar, and oyster sauce.

6. Mei Fun

Mei Fun is a type of Chinese noodle soup that consists of thin rice noodles. It can be served in a number of different ways, but the most common is with soy sauce and vegetables.

The noodles are made from rice flour and water, and they are usually served with vegetables, meat, or seafood. The dish can be served either dry or in soup form.

Does Garlic Sauce Have Gluten?

No, generally speaking, and in most Chinese restaurants, garlic sauce does not have gluten. But you should always check with your server.

Garlic sauce is a condiment that is made from garlic, oil, and Chinese vinegar. It is often used as a dipping sauce for breadsticks or french fries.

The question of whether garlic sauce has gluten can be answered by looking at the ingredients. If the ingredients list contains wheat flour, then it does have gluten. If the ingredients list does not contain wheat flour, then it does not have gluten.

Is Chow Fun Gluten Free?

Chow Fun close shot

Chow Fun should be gluten free since it is made from rice flour and water. There are no gluten-containing ingredients in the dish.

The soba noodles are made of rice flour and tapioca starch, which is a gluten-free ingredient. The dish is not fried, so there is no risk of cross-contamination with gluten.

The gluten content in Chow Fun varies depending on the type of noodles used. The noodles can be made from rice flour or wheat flour, deciding if this is a gluten free Chinese food option.

If you want to know if Chow Fun is gluten free, you should ask the restaurant staff about their ingredients and preparation methods.

Is Egg Foo Young Gluten Free?

Egg Foo Young in plate

Yes, it should be gluten free. Egg foo young can be made gluten free by substituting wheat flour for cornstarch or tapioca starch in the batter and using gluten-free soy sauce instead of regular soy sauce.

The ingredients of egg foo young vary from region to region, but the most common ones are eggs, cabbage, carrots, onions, celery, soy sauce, and oyster sauce. The meat can be anything from pork to beef to shrimp, depending on what the local cuisine prefers.

The dish has been around for centuries and has been adapted to suit the needs of different cultures. For example, in China, it is often served as a breakfast dish, while in Japan, it is more commonly eaten as a lunch or dinner meal.

Is Mei Fun Gluten Free?

Mei Fun

Yes, Mei Fun is made from rice flour, so it is gluten free. Mei Fun is a type of rice noodle that is made from wheat flour. It can be found in many different shapes and sizes, but the most common shape is round and flat.

Mei Fun noodles are usually served with a variety of toppings such as vegetables, meat, or seafood. The toppings are cooked separately from the noodles and then added to the dish at the end.

The answer to this question depends on what you mean by “gluten free.” If you are looking for gluten-free food that has no wheat flour in it, then Mei Fun noodles are not gluten-free because they contain wheat flour.

However, if you are looking for food that does not contain any gluten protein (which can cause celiac disease), then Mei Fun noodles would be considered gluten-free because they do not contain any gluten protein.

Does Chow Mein Have Gluten?

Yes, chow mein noodles are made from wheat flour, so they aren’t gluten. The gluten content in chow mein varies depending on the type of noodles used. Chow mein noodles are made from wheat flour which contains gluten.

The truth is that the noodles used in Chow Mein are made from wheat flour which contains gluten. However, there are other ingredients used in Chow Mein, such as soy sauce and fish sauce, that contain gluten too.

Now You Know What Is Gluten Free At Chinese Restaurants

In the end, I hope you know all about your gluten free options when cooking or ordering at the Chinese restaurant. Some restaurants have a gluten-free section on their menu.

Others are catering specifically to people with gluten allergies by providing a gluten-free menu. Don’t forget that cross-contamination could also happen if someone’s chopsticks go from cornstarch onto your gluten-free food.

Gluten free Chinese food is a great option for people who are gluten intolerant. It is also a good option for people who are looking to eat healthier.

6 Delicious Gluten Free Chinese Food Options 


Sunday 26th of February 2023

I have recently found that some chow fun and mei fun (vermicelli) sold in supermarkets indeed contain gluten. Some manufacturers decided to mix wheat flour with rice flour in their rice noodles (wet or dry packages).

As such, I no longer feel so confident about ordering rice noodles from restaurants, especially if they are not familiar with allergies or have received no training.

Gayle Hock

Sunday 19th of February 2023

Thank you … well written and seems very thorough, those of us who have Celiac Disease need good information.


Saturday 18th of February 2023

Aside from the fact that the chicken broth could also contain gluten as an ingredient, because many of the processed boxed broth to do, many Chinese food, restaurants use a shared walk or cooking surface, which means it would not be safe to eat any of the food because of cross-contamination. It’s much safer to recommend that people do their own research then to tell them what they can, or can’t eat because not every restaurant is the same and not every recipe is the same.

Marylee Marsh

Thursday 16th of February 2023

In the first paragraph, you said that fried rice is always gluten free, and steamed rice may or may not be gluten free. This statement is incorrect. Fried rice contains gluten unless you request gluten free soy. The main ingredient in soy sauce is wheat. Steamed white or brown rice is gluten free.


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

Your article is not correct. You say that dishes with soy sauce are ok and they is NOT the case! Soy sauce unless it is tamari sauce is made with gluten so your article can make many people really sick. Please correct!