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How Long Do Blueberries Last? Handling Blueberries Properly

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When someone says he wants to eat both very healthy and delicious fruits, berries are the type of fruit that comes to my mind instantly. Although all types of fruits have these characteristics to some extent, berries are exceptional.

Some of the most popular types of berries include strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, and blueberries. You don’t have to guess twice that blueberries are my favorite ones.

This unique summer fruit with an amazingly smooth texture and fine blue color has a perfect combination of sweet and tart flavors.

Aside from that, it is probably one of the healthiest fruits on this planet, alongside avocados and other types of berries, since it is loaded with tons of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are extremely important for your health.

However, if you want to eat fresh blueberries and enjoy them to the fullest, you must have some important information about them. One of the most frequently asked questions about blueberries is “How long do blueberries last?”.

Here, I will just say that they are quite shelf-stable, but the exact time frame in which they remain good mainly depends on the way they are stored.

So, if you want to know more details, it is best to continue reading.

How Long Do Blueberries Last?

close shot of Blueberries on table

As I already said in the introduction, the shelf life of blueberries mainly depends on the way you store them. Aside from that, there is also the factor of ripeness of blueberries that is important, i.e. it is not the same thing if you buy ripe blueberries or unripe ones.

I will explain why to choose berries for your healthy snack or some kind of delicious dish, how to choose the right ones from the grocery store or farmer’s market, as well as how long do blueberries last when stored at room temperature, in the fridge, or in the freezer and how to store them properly.

You will also be more informed about the spoilage signs of blueberries so that you never risk eating them bad.

Why Choose Blueberries?

hand picking Blueberries

First thing first, why blueberries? Why in the world would I choose blueberries over all other delicious and sweet fruit? Well, there are numerous reasons to choose berries and the most important ones are related to your health.

• First, if you are not a fan of too much sweetness in general, blueberries might be your thing. They are the perfect combo of sweet, woody, floral, and musky flavors. Blueberries are also acidic. I know that not everyone is excited about this kind of flavor profile, but there are people whose mouths become watery when they read it.

Blueberries are quite shelf-stable and with proper storage, they can stay good for quite a long time.

• Blueberries are also very versatile. You can eat them fresh, make juice from them, and add them to your favorite smoothies, and use them in various other blueberry recipes.

And of course, there are numerous health benefits that this amazing superfood can provide you with and I will mention just a few of them below.

• Low caloric index.

• Tons of antioxidants that are extremely beneficial for your overall health.

• Good source of vitamin C which is very important for the immune system.

• Full of anthocyanins that are great for insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.

• They are also rich in manganese which plays a huge role in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, blood sugar regulation, as well as calcium absorption.

How To Choose Fresh Blueberries?

Blueberries on table

If you want to avoid bad berries, it is important that you know these pieces of information that I will list here. First, you have to know that the blueberry season is somewhere in the early summer when the days are warm and the nights are hot.

So, if you want to pick them from the blueberry plant, that is the best time to do it.

However, no matter whether you are picking them from the plant or buying them in the grocery store, you have to avoid red blueberries because those are not ripe. Once they are picked from the plant, they don’t continue to ripen.

Also, avoid shriveled, wrinkly berries. Instead of that, search for plump and smooth berries that have bluish or purple color. Those are the fresh berries that are perfect for consumption.

How Long Can Blueberries Sit Out?

Just like that is the case with most types of food, it is not recommended to keep blueberries outside for too long. So, when you transfer your clamshell of blueberries to your home, you should consume them on the same day if you want them fresh.

If you leave them at room temperature, they probably won’t be good the next day. Also, it is important to inspect them because one bad blueberry can spoil all other berries with it.

If you see one moldy blueberry, throw it in the trash immediately because that one can cause others to get moldy as well. And, finally, keep them away from moisture because that can cause harmful bacteria growth.

How Long Do Blueberries Last In The Fridge?

Blueberries in wooden bowl

Well, here is your answer.

If you prepare them and store them properly in the fridge, blueberries will last there for up to 10 days. One more note before I head to the proper storage steps. Never store blueberries in the crisper drawer because there is not enough air circulation, which is quite important for blueberries.

How To Store Blueberries In The Fridge?

The fridge is the best place for blueberries to be, but it is very important to know how to prepare them for storage and how to store them properly. Also, it is not a good idea to wash them before refrigeration because the moisture will accelerate spoilage.

STEP 1: Before you head to the refrigerator, you should first inspect all your berries and see if there are any moldy ones. If you find even one, you should discard it because it will spoil other ones if you don’t do that.

STEP 2: Then you should ensure that all your berries are completely dry because excess moisture will cause spoilage. You should under no circumstances wash berries before storing them.

STEP 3: After that, you should prepare the container in which you will store your berries. I wouldn’t recommend an airtight container because blueberries like air circulation to maintain freshness. Instead of that, use a breathable container for storage.

STEP 4: Your next task is to place some paper towels at the bottom of the breathable container and between berry layers, not just a single layer. Those paper towels will soak up all the juices and water.

STEP 5: Finally, you can put the container with blueberries in the fridge and keep them there for 5-10 days for best results.

How Long Do Blueberries Last In The Freezer?


The answer is here.

If you properly store your blueberries in the freezer, they will last there for up to 6-12 months. If you don’t want to use them immediately or you don’t have any space in the fridge, storing blueberries in the freezer is a good option.

How To Freeze Blueberries Properly?

Here are the main steps that you need to follow in order to freeze your favorite berries the right way.

STEP 1: First things first, it is important to dry them properly in order to avoid any moisture that can negatively affect them.

STEP 2: After properly drying them, you should put them on a rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

STEP 3: After placing your blueberries on the rimmed baking sheet, cover that sheet with plastic wrap.

STEP 4: Transfer the wrapped sheet with blueberries into the freezer and let them freeze for 6-8 hours.

STEP 5: After they have frozen, transfer those blueberries to a freezer-friendly plastic bag (freezer bag). You can also use a freezer-friendly container. If you choose a freezer bag, pull out all the excess air to avoid freezer burn.

STEP 6: Label the bag or the container with blueberries and put it in the freezer.

How To Thaw Frozen Blueberries?

In order to enjoy your favorite blueberries after the freezing process, it is essential to thaw frozen berries properly. Transfering them to the refrigerator and keeping them overnight is one of the best thawing methods for blueberries.

If you can’t wait that long, you can also use a cold-water bath method. Just pour your berries into a bowl and cover them with cold water. 190 grams of blueberries (one cup) will thaw for about 5 minutes.

I also have to emphasize that it is not a good idea to thaw blueberries in the microwave because they will probably become mushy and that is not something that you want to happen for sure.

How To Know If Blueberries Are Bad?

Blueberries in little bowl

Everyone wants to eat safe and fresh fruit and in order to do that it is essential to handle it properly. The same goes for our blueberries. However, there might be times when you are not sure if your berries are good. In those situations, it is important to know the spoilage signs.

So, how to tell if blueberries are bad? Here are the signs.

Mushy Blueberries: If your berries are mushy on the touch, they are not good for consumption anymore.

Presence Of Mold: If you see mold on any of your blueberries, throw those in the trash.

• Soft Texture: If your blueberries are too soft under your fingers, then they are probably bad.

• Leaky Blueberries: If your blueberries are leaking any juices, they are probably not good.

• Discoloration: Discoloration is a sign of spoilage in most cases. So, if you don’t see that specific deep blue color on the surface of your berries, they might have gone bad.

What Is The Best Way To Use Blueberries?

hands holding Blueberries

There are many ways to use your delicious blueberries. Below, I will show you a few amazing ways to incorporate blueberries into your diet.

• Eat them fresh: In most cases, that is the best way to consume them.

• Make Blueberry Pie: Incorporate blueberries, flour, butter, lemon, cinnamon, and sugar and enjoy this sweet and healthy treat to the fullest.

• Make Delicious Blueberry Jam: With just a few ingredients including blueberries, sugar, and some lemon juice, you will get a sweet jam to enjoy.

• Blueberry Smoothie: If you have some frozen blueberries and you don’t know what to do with them, you can make yourself a delicious and healthy blueberry smoothie alongside some other fruits as well. This is my favorite way of eating blueberries because by blending them, you also blend the seeds of blueberries.

• Blueberry Cobbler: A few ripe, juicy blueberries alongside vanilla extract and a bit of aromatic lemon zest will give you the perfect combo of sweetness and brightness in the form of a delicious blueberry cobbler.

• Blueberry Scones: And, finally, there is my favorite treat with blueberries. Blueberry scones are a buttery and moist sweet treat that few people can resist.


close shot of Blueberries in bowl

Are Blueberries Still Good After 2 Weeks?

If you leave your blueberries at room temperature, they won’t be good after 2 weeks because they can stay fresh for only about one day if stored outside.

They won’t be good in the fridge after 2 weeks either because they can last in the fridge for up to 10 days.

However, if you have stored them in the freezer properly, they will be good after 2 weeks because they can last in the freezer for up to 6-12 months

What Is The Best Way To Store Blueberries?

The best way to store blueberries is to refrigerate them and they will last in the fridge for up to 10 days. It is not recommended to wash them before refrigerating them, because moisture can accelerate their spoilage.

Also, it is important to make sure that they are dry before putting them in the fridge.

Final Verdict On Blueberries Shelf Life

Blueberries in white bowl

In order to enjoy their unique flavor profile and numerous health benefits all the time, it is important to know how long do blueberries last. The shelf life of blueberries mainly depends on the way you store them.

They do not last quite long when stored on the counter and they last longest if stored in the freezer. The refrigerating method is in the middle and is considered the best storage method for blueberries if you go through the process properly.