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Does Oat Milk Go Bad? + 4 Signs Of Spoilage

Does Oat Milk Go Bad? + 4 Signs Of Spoilage

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Oat milk is a plant-based milk that is created from ground oats. It is high in protein and contains more fiber than traditional dairy milk. 

Oat milk contains no cholesterol and has a shallow glycemic index, making it an ideal option for those with diabetes or those who are following a low-carb diet.

Why wouldn’t all of us use oat milk? Well, not everyone knows about the pros of oat milk. Here are a few ideas on does oat milk go bad and answers you might need along the way.

This includes other question like does oat milk need to be refrigerated, how to tell if oat milk is bad, and others.

Does Oat Milk Go Bad? Does Oat Milk Expire?

Oatmeal in a white bowl with a glass of milk

Yes, oat milk does go bad, and it does expire. When it expires and goes bad, the oat milk will become chunky and not creamy, as well as numerous other signs like an off smell or color change. 

Oat milk is lactose-free, soy-free, and vegan milk option. It does not expire as long as it is unopened. Once you open it, it should be consumed within one week to 10 days to prevent spoilage.

This is plant-based milk. It is made from oats. It does not have the same shelf life as dairy milk.

There are two ways that oat milk can go bad, and your milk will spoil in one of them if left for too long or at room temp. 

 This is because it has a shorter shelf life and different ingredients. The shelf life of oat milk can be extended by storing it in the refrigerator or freezing it.

One way is when you leave it out at room temperature for too long, and the other way is when you buy it from an unrefrigerated store. If you do not refrigerate your oat milk after opening it, then it will go bad within one week to ten days.

Expired Oat Milk: How To Know If Oat Milk Is Bad?

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Oats are a gluten-free grain that can be used as an alternative for cow’s milk, which makes it a great option for those with allergies and intolerances to lactose and dairy products.

However, this does not mean that all oats are safe to consume – some oats contain gluten and should be avoided by those who have Celiac Disease or other gluten sensitivities. Here is how to know does oat milk go bad and its signs:

Color change: The most common way is by looking at the color of the liquid. If it has turned brown or yellow, then it may have gone bad.

Smell: Does oat milk go bad? Tell by smelling it. If an unpleasant odor comes from the container, it may have gone bad.

Chunks: Chunks form in oat milk because the oat berries are not fully ground into flour or when mold forms and makes the milk chunky, another sign of oat milk going bad.

Mold: Many health experts do not recommend drinking oat milk because of the potential for it to contain mold when not placed in an airtight container, which is why they recommend using a different type of milk.

Now, let’s follow the guideline and see how long does oat milk last opened, and compare an unopened carton right from the grocery store and pour a glass of oat milk for the first time.

Oat Milk Shelf Life: How Long Does Oat Milk Last?

After covering does oat milk go bad, it’s time to answer other questions. The shelf life of oat milk depends on different factors. 

One of the most important ones is the type of packaging it comes in. If it comes in a carton, then the shelf life is about 7-10 days. If it comes in a tetra pack, then the shelf life is about 10-14 days.

Dairy milk has a shelf-life of about three weeks when refrigerated and about two days when left out on the counter. Oat milk has a shelf-life of about six months when refrigerated and about 2 hours when left out on the counter.

This is because oat milk contains much less sugar than dairy milk, and hence there are fewer bacteria present in it which causes spoilage and expiration. Here is a visual guide so t-s easier to understand:

Location State Shelf Life
The counter (room temperature) Opened2 hours
The counter (room temperature) Unopened2 hours if not shelf-stable oat milk
FridgeOpened 7 - 10 days
FridgeUnopened1/2 - 1 year
Freezer3 months

When Does Oat Milk Go Bad?

Oat milk has a shelf life of about 7-10 days if it is refrigerated. It should be stored in the fridge at all times and should not be left out for more than two hours.

You should store oat milk in the fridge at all times and avoid leaving it out for more than 2 hours at room temperature.

Oat milk can last for 7 to 10 days after opening if it is stored in the refrigerator and kept away from strong odors. If you do not plan on consuming the oat milk within that time period, it should be frozen to preserve its quality for up to 3 months.

How Long Does Oat Milk Last After Opened?

Non dairy oat milk in glass jars with reusable metal straws

The shelf life of oat milk is about 7-10 days after opening and if stored in the fridge. It’s best to store it in the fridge and use it before the expiration date.

The shelf life of oat milk is not as short as the shelf life of cow’s milk. Oat milk also contains more water than cow’s milk, which means it will spoil more quickly.

The expiration date on the package should be checked to determine how long it will last after opening. If the package has a use-by date that falls before the expiration date, then it should be used within that time frame. 

If there is no use-by date on the package, then it should be refrigerated and consumed within 7 days after opening.

How Long Does Oat Milk Last Unopened?

Oatmilk can last up to a year if not opened. If it comes in a carton, it should last up to half a year unopened.

This is because the carton protects the oat milk from air and moisture, which can spoil its flavor and change its consistency over time. 

However, if you have a bag of oat milk, then this period will be reduced by half as there is more exposure to air and moisture in this packaging type.

Oat milk lasts one year unopened in the refrigerator, and the same goes for almond milk as well. After opening it, it will only last up to 10 days of opening in the fridge before spoiling.

How Long Does Oat Milk Last In Fridge?

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Along with the best by date of dairy-free milk, you should keep it up to 7 to 10 days in the fridge if opened and up to 12 months if unopened.

Oat milk is a plant-based alternative to dairy, so it doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it’s opened. Once you open it, you should store it in the refrigerator and drink it within 7 to 10 days.

This way, you won’t risk food poisoning, and an unopened oat milk container is sure to last longer than an opened one. Still, the USDA lists oat milk on the list of perishable foods, just like almond milk and other dairy products.

An unopened container still has a longer shelf life if kept in a cool and dry place and replaced in a glass jar. Even the shelf-stable variety will need a side of caution, even though you are not dealing with a carton of oat milk that was opened.

Can Expired Oat Milk Make You Sick?

Young asian woman attractive woman with milk and healthy breakfast in kitchen

The FDA has issued a warning about the potential dangers of expired oat milk. They warn that consuming these expired products may cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

This is not the first time that expired food has caused health problems. In fact, there have been many cases where people have fallen ill after consuming food that was past its expiration date.

Recently, some people are wondering if oat milk can give them food poisoning. This section will explore the possible causes of this worry and why it’s not true when it comes to the question does oat milk go bad as well as oatmeal too.

This section will explore the possible causes of this worry and why it’s not true by looking at the ingredients of oat milk and how they are processed to make sure they are safe for consumption.

Some types of oats are more perishable than others, so they will spoil faster than other types of oats. This is because some methods will preserve the product better than others.

If you are going to make your own oat milk at home, you should know that it will have a shorter shelf life than store-bought oat milk because homemade products are not processed as well as store-bought products.

Don’t Cry Over Spoiled Oat Milk

Oat milk is a new trend in the dairy industry. It has been gaining popularity because it is an alternative for people who are lactose intolerant, vegan, or have other allergies. 

Oat milk also has a lot of benefits due to its high fiber and protein content. I hope this article has helped you answer does oat milk go bad, as well as how long does open oat milk last. 

Does Oat Milk Go Bad + 4 Signs Of Spoilage