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How To Store Kiwi? The Best Way To Store Kiwifruit

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Kiwi fruit or more simply kiwi is a very popular type of fruit that grows on the kiwi tree. It originates in China and today it is cultivated in many places nowadays such as New Zealand, California, etc. Kiwi is a large berry that has an oval shape and fuzzy brown skin.

Inside is a bright green or pale yellow flesh with edible black seeds. The color of the flesh depends on the type of kiwi.

Its flavor profile consists of a tangy and sweet taste when ripe. Kiwi is good for your health. Its nutritional value is high since it contains many important nutrients including vitamin C, potassium, and fiber.

You can eat kiwi raw or you can incorporate chopped kiwi pieces into fruit salads, smoothies, pastries, and cakes. As you can see, there are tons of reasons to incorporate kiwi into your diet.

But, how do one handle kiwi fruit properly? One of the most important questions is how to store kiwi the right way. There are a few ways to do that properly and in this article, I will show you those ways and answer some other important questions related to kiwi storage as well.

How To Store Kiwi The Right Way?

kiwi fruit top view

So, how can one store kiwi properly? You can store kiwi fruit on the countertop, in the refrigerator, or in the freezer. But, it is not that simple. You can not just store kiwi in any kind of state wherever you want.

It is important to know how to choose the right kiwi, whether or not you want to eat the kiwi immediately or whether you want to store it long-term, as well as what types of food you can keep close to the kiwi.

You also have to know that there are differences in storing ripe kiwi and unripe kiwi, as well as whole kiwi and sliced or chopped kiwi.

Those are all questions that need to be answered in order for you to understand how to store kiwi properly. Below I will discuss the process of choosing the right kiwi, i.e. how do you choose the right one?

How To Choose The Right Kiwi?

kiwi on white wood background.

Your first task is to choose the right kiwi. If you buy a bad kiwi, all this food storage knowledge that you will obtain in this article will be useless. So, there are three factors that determine your choice: appearance, texture, and aroma.

• Appearance: If you want to buy a ripe kiwi (not under ripe or overripe one), you first have to take a close look at it. If it is plump with a particular curvature, it is probably the right one. Overripe kiwi fruit has mushy, dark spots and you should avoid buying kiwi in that state.

It is also good for it to be smooth, i.e. not stretched. Also, take a closer look to see if it has any traces of insect bites. If you find any of those, it is best to avoid buying those.

• Texture: If you are not sure yet that the kiwis that you are looking for are ripe, it is best to feel them to inspect their texture. You will do that by gently pressing it with your thumb. If you feel that it is moderately soft, it is a clear sign of ripeness.

However, if you feel that the fruit is hard under your finger, it is not fully ripe yet. That means you won’t be able to eat it right away and you will have to wait for it to ripen.

If it is very soft under your finger, it is a sign of overripeness. I would suggest you avoid buying that kiwi fruit.

• Aroma: And finally, there is the smell of the fruit. If you sense a mild, fragrant scent then that is a sign of a ripe kiwi. However, if it does not have any scent, it is unripe and that means you won’t be able to consume it immediately.

How To Store Kiwi At Home?

sliced piece of kiwi

And finally, there is the most important part of all, i.e. the storage of kiwi fruit. The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when storing food is to store it on the countertop, i.e. at room temperature. You can store whole kiwi or chopped kiwi at room temperature.

Storing Whole Kiwi At Room Temperature

In order to maintain fresh fruit, it is better to store it whole in most cases. In this particular case, whole and unripe kiwi is best to be at room temperature, i.e. at 30-35 degrees F. A similar temperature range works for storing grapes as well.

This means that, if you don’t want to consume your kiwi fruit right away, it is best to keep it at room temperature where it will last for quite some time. There are also some interesting ways to accelerate the ripening process, but more about that later.

Storing Chopped Kiwi At Room Temperature

It is possible to store sliced kiwi at room temperature, but the kiwi has to be ripe because it can not continue the ripening process once it is sliced into pieces.

So, if your kiwi is ripe and sliced and you want to let it stay on the countertop, it is best to store it in an airtight container or in some kind of plastic box and keep it away from direct sunlight or direct heat.

It is best to use that sliced kiwi that same day, i.e. in a few hours, because it will retain its freshness only for that time frame.

Does Kiwi Need To Be Refrigerated?

Plastic cup with yogurt and kiwi in refrigerator

So, should you refrigerate kiwi? You need to refrigerate kiwi in just one case. That is when the kiwi is ripe and you don’t want to consume it right away. By refrigerating it, you will be able to keep it fresh for longer.

Refrigerating Whole Kiwi

Do you refrigerate kiwi when it’s whole?

So, when your kiwi is ripe enough and you don’t want to eat it immediately, it is best to store it whole in the fridge and it will maintain its freshness for up to 5-10 days.

If you really want to maintain the kiwi’s freshness, it is best to store it in some kind of plastic bag or a container and it will stop the moisture loss and retain the kiwi’s freshness.

I also have to emphasize that it is not a good idea to put kiwi in a fruit bowl with ethylene-producing fruits such as tomatoes, mangoes, pears, avocados, and apples. The main reason for this precaution is the ethylene gas that accelerates the ripening process.

The accelerated ripening process can lead to early spoilage of your kiwi.

Refrigerating Sliced Kiwi

Do kiwis go in the fridge when sliced?

You can also refrigerate slices of kiwi. You just have to peel the kiwi skin and slice it into pieces. Then it is best to store those pieces in an airtight container or plastic bag. This way, your kiwi slices will retain their moisture.

After you put the bag or container with sliced kiwi into the fridge, it will maintain its freshness for up to 2-3 days.

How Do You Store Kiwis In The Freezer?

sliced piece of kiwi fruit

The freezer is the last option when it comes to storing kiwis. It is not recommended to freeze any kind of fruit because the freezing process can seriously damage its quality. When it comes to kiwis, they will probably become mushy. However, if you really want, you can freeze whole or sliced kiwis.

Freezing Whole Kiwis

There is really not a lot of science about freezing whole kiwis. All you have to do is to put whole kiwis in some kind of freezer bag and store that freezer bag in the freezer.

Again, I will emphasize that, even if it is possible to store the whole kiwi in the freezer, the frozen kiwi’s quality will seriously deteriorate and you will end up with mushy fruit that won’t be so pleasant to consume.

Freezing Sliced Kiwis

Freezing sliced kiwis is a more preferable option, although I would still recommend you avoid freezing kiwis in any state. But, if you eventually decide to freeze it, it is best to slice or dice it. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow.

1. STEP: First, you need to wash the kiwis properly and peel them using your paring knife.

2. STEP: Then, of course, you need to slice them according to your preferences. You can also dice them if you want.

3. STEP: Prepare one cookie sheet and line it with baking paper.

4. STEP: You can now transfer those slices of kiwis onto the baking sheet. You just have to make sure that they do not touch one another because they freeze together during the freezing process.

5. STEP: Put the baking sheet with slices of kiwis in the freezer and leave it there overnight.

6. STEP: Pull the frozen slices of kiwis out of the freezer and transfer them into the freezer bag or an airtight container and seal the bag or the container properly.

7. STEP: Finally, you can label the bag or the container and you can put it deep into the freezer to extend the shelf life of your kiwi slices.

Storing Pureed Kiwis In The Freezer

And, finally, you can also freeze kiwi puree. If you want to make some kind of kiwi ice cream, this is the best way to store your kiwi fruit. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

1. STEP: If you want kiwi puree without the skin, you obviously have to peel the skin first. You can, however, leave the skin if you prefer.

2. STEP: With or without the skin, you have to blend your kiwis properly.

3. STEP: After it is blended, transfer the puree to a freezer bag and pull out as much air as possible and then seal the bag properly.

In order to do this, it is best to first mostly seal the bag and lay it flat on the counter. Then you can press the kiwi puree out towards all edges of the bag. That way, you will remove all the air bubbles.

When the kiwi puree is evenly distributed and the bag is mostly flat, the bag is ready for sealing.

4. STEP: Pull one baking sheet out of your kitchen shelf and place the flat bag on the same sheet.

5. STEP: Transfer the baking sheet with the flat bag into the freezer and let it stay there for 1-3 hours.

6. STEP: Finally, after that time frame, you can remove the baking sheet from the freezer and stand the bag up for more space.

How Long Does Kiwi Last?

kiwi fruit

It is not that simple to answer how long exactly your kiwi will last. That mostly depends on its state when you buy it, as well as how you store it. So, let’s see how long will your kiwi last based on those factors.

Unripe Whole Kiwi

Unripe whole kiwi will last up to 7 days on the countertop.

Unripe whole kiwi will last up to 1 month if stored in the fridge properly.

• Although you can freeze unripe whole kiwi for more than 1 month, it is not recommended to do this because you will destroy its quality.

Ripe Whole Kiwi

Ripe whole kiwi will last up to 3 days on the countertop.

You can keep your ripe whole kiwis refrigerated for up to 10 days. You just have to store them properly.

• Just like with unripe kiwi, it is also not recommended to freeze whole unripe kiwi because that will deteriorate its flavor and texture.

Sliced Kiwi

Kiwi slices can last up to 10-12 hours on the countertop.

Kiwi slices can stay refrigerated for up to 3 days if the process of refrigeration is done properly.

Kiwi slices can be kept frozen for up to 8-12 months if frozen the right way.

Pureed Kiwi

It is not recommended to keep pureed kiwi on the countertop.

It is also not recommended to refrigerate kiwi puree.

You must freeze kiwi puree according to the steps explained earlier in the text and it will last there for up to 3 months.

How To Ripen Kiwi?

Kiwi fruit on wooden background with copy space

As already promised earlier in the text, I am going to show you how to accelerate the ripening process of your unripe fruit. All you have to do is to follow these simple tips and you will very quickly have a ripe kiwifruit for yourself.

The simplest thing that you can do to accelerate the ripening process of your unripe kiwi is to place it somewhere warmer. It is best to expose it to fresh sunlight. Just make sure that you don’t expose it to direct heat because that will spoil the fruit.

• The next thing that you can do is to place it in a paper bag alongside ethylene-producing fruits like avocados, apples, pears, tomatoes, and mangoes. The ethylene gas that these fruits produce will speed up the ripening process.

It is a little more complicated to do, but it is worth mentioning that you can also bury the kiwi fruits in a rice tub and they will produce ethylene gas and ripen faster under airtight conditions.

• And, finally, you can also use your microwave to accelerate the ripening process. Microwave them for about 15 seconds and then put them in a paper bag alongside other fruits. Although this is not something that I would recommend, it is certainly one of the ways to go.

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Kiwi?

One spoiled kiwi lies among ripe healthy kiwis

Knowing when kiwis are bad is also a very important thing. If you haven’t stored them properly, or if you’ve let them stay outside for too long, there is a chance that your kiwis have gone bad. So, here are the signs of spoilage:

• Moldy Kiwis: If you notice mold on your kiwi, that is a clear sign of spoilage. If you notice small dots of mold, you can cut those off. But anything more than that is not tolerable.

• Too Soft Or Mushy Kiwis: Apply gentle pressure to the kiwi and if you notice that it is too soft, throw it away. That is a sign of rotten kiwi.

• Strong Odor: If you notice a strong smell of your kiwi, you shouldn’t consume it because bruised kiwis tend to have a strong smell.

• Some Other Signs: If you notice any other signs like an awful appearance, brown spots, wrinkling skin, or oozing water, don’t consume those kiwis.


sliced kiwi

What Is The Best Way To Store Kiwi?

The best way to store kiwi depends on the level of ripeness of the kiwi. If the kiwi is underripe, it is best to store it on the countertop and let it ripe.

A Kiwi refrigerates best when it is ripe and you don’t want to consume it right away. Storing it in the fridge will slow down its ripening process.

Do Kiwis Last Longer In The Fridge Or On The Counter?

Kiwis definitely last longer in the fridge than on the counter because the cold temperature of the fridge slows down the ripening process of the kiwi fruit.

If you leave the kiwi on the counter, it will ripen much faster, especially if you put it close to ethylene-producing fruits such as apples or avocados.

Will Kiwis Ripen In The Refrigerator?

Kiwis will eventually ripen in the refrigerator. But, due to the lower temperature, they will ripen much slower. So, the unripe kiwi will last in the fridge for up to 1 month compared to just 7 days if stored on the counter.

Does Cut Kiwi Need To Be Refrigerated?

So, does kiwi go in the fridge? Generally speaking, you can always refrigerate kiwis.
But, it is best to store it in the fridge if it is ripe and if you don’t want to consume it immediately.

Ripe whole kiwi will last in the fridge for up to 10 days. If you choose to refrigerate unripe whole kiwi in the refrigerator, it will last there for up to 1 month.

What Can Happen To Kiwi Fruit If It Is Left At Room Temperature For Too Long?

If you leave ripe kiwi for more than 3 days at room temperature, it is highly likely that it will go bad.

If you leave unripe kiwi for more than 7 days at room temperature, it is most likely that it won’t be suitable for consumption anymore.

Storing Kiwi Fruit

As you could have seen, in order to know how to store kiwi properly, you have to know all the factors that influence your decision. The two main factors are the level of ripeness and the state in which your kiwi is.

If you have ripe whole kiwi that you don’t want to consume immediately, it is best to store it in the fridge because the low temperature will slow down the ripening process.

Unripe whole kiwi will be best at room temperature because it will ripen faster there. It is not recommended to freeze either ripe or unripe whole kiwi.

If you have some kiwi puree, you must store it in the freezer because it won’t last long outside the freezer.That’s the most important things you need to know about storing kiwifruit.

How To Store Kiwi The Best Way To Store Kiwifruit