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What Is Picante Sauce And Can You Make It At Home?

What Is Picante Sauce And Can You Make It At Home?

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Salsa sauces are a delicious and healthy way to add some flavor to your food. They have a variety of uses, such as topping tacos, burritos, enchiladas, or rice.

A common question is: which salsa sauce is the best? There are many different brands of salsa sauces, so it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you.

For me, the best salsa option is actually a salsa substitute or picante sauce. But what is picante sauce? This article is here to tell you and give you the best recipe out there as well.

What Even Is Picante Sauce?

Picante Sauce in containers

Picante sauce is a spicy and chunky salsa sauce that is made from tomatoes, peppers, and spices. It is usually served as a condiment with Mexican dishes such as tacos, chimichangas, burritos, and enchiladas.

Picante sauce, also known as hot sauce, is a type of spicy chili sauce. There are many types of Picante sauces, but all have a number of ingredients in common such as tomatoes and chilies. Picante sauces range from sweet to spicy.

In fact, this is not originally Mexican food, so its origins don’t lie in Aztec culture. In fact, the first store-sold Picante was made by David Pace, the owner of Pace Picante Sauce, the most well-known option for this type of salsa.

Picante sauce is a type of hot sauce made from a mix of tomatoes, chilis, and spices. The flavor can vary depending on the recipe used but typically has some combination of garlic, onion, cumin, oregano, and salt.

It can be served in many ways, such as an ingredient in tacos, tortilla chips, burritos, or added to cooked dishes like rice or beans. Picante sauce can be made from any kind of pepper, but it is usually made with jalapeños or serranos.

Picante Sauce Vs. Salsa Vs. Pico De Gallo

Picante sauce is a spicy, tomato-based sauce that is typically used in Mexican cuisine. It can be made by grinding tomatoes, onions, garlic, and a variety of spices together to make a thick sauce. It can also be made with peppers and chilies.

Salsa is a type of savory sauce or dip that can be served as an accompaniment to various dishes or as an ingredient in other dishes. Salsa typically has fresh tomato, cilantro leaves, onion, and jalapeño pepper as its main ingredients.

Pico de gallo is a type of green salsa made from fresh tomatoes and other ingredients like onions, cilantro, lime juice, and chilies.

So, in the end, you should know that there is a difference between Picante sauce and salsa verde and that there is a difference between Picante sauce and pico de Gallo. The difference lies in its chunky texture. That is even when locals call this sauce Salsa Picante.

Can You Make Picante Sauce At Home?

Picante sauce is a spicy, tangy, and flavorful tomato-based sauce that is used in Mexican food like dishes including black beans. It is typically made from tomatoes, onion, garlic, and a variety of spices, including cumin and chilies.

You can make this sauce at home, even if you didn’t know what Picante sauce was ten minutes ago. The most common ingredients in picante sauces are onions, bell and chili peppers, tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, salt, limes, and apple cider vinegar.

The sauce can be served with dishes as varied as tacos, tamales, enchiladas to eggs, or on its own with corn tortilla chips. In fact, you can add tomatillos, lime juice, cilantro, bell peppers, olive oil, or any other side dish or fresh ingredient into your food processor and make homemade fresh salsa.

If you ask me, homemade salsa is even better than the one in your local Mexican restaurant, but also that from the grocery store. That is why you should definitely know what picante sauce is, as well as trying to make your own homemade batch.

Homemade Picante Sauce Recipe

You can easily make quick Picante sauce in only 10 minutes with only 32 kcal per 100 g. If you want to make your own Picante sauce, here is how to do it:

Homemade picante sauce


First, cut your ingredients into small pieces and then combine them in a blender. Blend the sauce until it is chunky and not too smooth. 

If you’d like, check out this video that explains everything in detail: 

Why Is It Called Picante Sauce?

The word picante means “spicy” in Spanish, so this sauce can be translated as “spicy sauce.” The Spanish word salsa means sauce, and picante means spicy.

The word picante, meaning “spicy” in Spanish, is derived from the word piquant. The word piquant is derived from the Latin verb pica, which means “to prick.”

The word picante in the Spanish language means spicy. It is often used in Mexican cuisine and can refer to any type of hot pepper or anything that has a spiciness to it. The word picante may also be used as an adjective to describe something that is of high intensity and extreme flavor.

Understand The Difference

Salsa sauces are one of the most popular sauces in the world. The flavors and varieties are endless. Now, I hope you have learned what Picante sauce is and that you have your red tomatoes and white onions ready to make the best salsa sauce out there.

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