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How Long Does Cheesecake Last In The Fridge? + Storage Tips

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If you are a cheesecake lover like myself, this article might be very interesting, as well as instructive, to you. Although I am particularly a fan of Classic New York Style cheesecake, I don’t say “no” to any type of this delicious baked good.

Made from eggs, graham crackers, and some dairy products like sour cream, cream cheese, or ricotta, freshly baked cheesecake is a sweet treat that just can not be resisted.

However, it is not always possible to eat fresh cheesecake. Sometimes there is leftover cheesecake and therefore you have to know how long it lasts and how to handle it.

Today, I will answer the question “How long does cheesecake last in the fridge?”. I will also say a few words about other storage methods like freezing, as well as some major spoilage signs of your favorite cake.

How Long Does Cheesecake Last In The Fridge?

cheesecake inside a fridge

If you are not planning to eat your cheesecake immediately, it is best to refrigerate it. The main reason for that is the fact that it contains some very perishable ingredients like eggs and dairy products.

However, its exact shelf life in the fridge depends on its type. So, let’s take a closer look.

How Long Will A Homemade Cheesecake Last In The Fridge?

If you made your own cheesecake (make sure not to overcook your cheesecake) and you don’t want to eat it right away or you have some leftovers, it is best to refrigerate it since the main ingredients include perishable food like dairy products and eggs.

If you properly store your homemade cheesecake, you will be able to keep it in the fridge for up to 5 days until it starts to spoil.

Some people tend to keep it for a bit longer, but I think that privilege is reserved only for store-bought cheesecake.

How Long Does Store-Bought Cheesecake Last In The Fridge?

When it comes to store-bought cheesecake, you have to know that, alongside the above-mentioned ingredients, it also has preservatives and they can keep it good for a bit longer.

So, if you buy your favorite cake from the bakery or at the grocery store, and don’t want to eat it immediately or have some leftovers, you can store it in the fridge for up to 5-7 days.

One more note. Only if the packaging label suggests you keep it for a shorter period of time, you should stick with that.

Does Cheesecake Go Bad Quickly?

studio photo of a piece of cheesecake

The answer to this question really depends on the way you store your cheesecake. Since cheesecake contains some perishable ingredients like dairy products and eggs, it is also a perishable food to some extent.

That is especially the case if you leave it at room temperature for too long. According to the USDA, cheesecake shouldn’t be left outside for more than 2 hours if you don’t want to end up with spoiled cheesecake.

The main reason for this is the fact that room temperature falls in the category of “temperature danger zone” which ranges from 40-140 degrees F in which food tends to spoil after the 2-hours time frame.

So, if you leave your cheesecake on the countertop, then yes, it will spoil quickly.

How To Store Cheesecake Properly?

cheesecake wrapped in aluminum foil, ready for fridge

According to food storage experts, the best place for cheesecake to be is definitely the refrigerator. Obviously, that is mainly because of the perishable ingredients in the cheesecake itself, but food in general likes to be refrigerated.

Below I will show you the steps you need to follow in order to refrigerate your cheesecake successfully.

STEP 1: If you are dealing with leftovers of both homemade cheesecake or store-bought ones, you can immediately begin with the refrigeration process.

However, if the cheesecake has just been baked, you first have to let it cool down to room temperature in order to refrigerate it the right way.

STEP 2: After it reaches room temperature, it is essential to wrap your cheesecake properly to protect it from air and potential odors from other food in the fridge. To wrap it properly, it is best to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

STEP 3: Your next task is to transfer the wrapped cheesecake to some kind of airtight environment. For that purpose, it is best to put the wrapped cheesecake in an airtight container.

STEP 4: You can finally put it in the refrigerator. Put it deep and far from the fridge door to avoid unstable temperatures that can cause damage to your favorite cake. According to the USDA’s Food Keeper App, you should consume cheesecake within 5 to 7 days of refrigeration.

Can You Freeze Cheesecake?

two frozen cakes in the freezer

People have been using freezers to extend the shelf life of their food ever since it had been invented, so I don’t see why cheesecake couldn’t be frozen. The only question is how to freeze cheesecake properly. And, of course, I’ve got you covered again.

STEP 1: If you are planning to freeze leftover cheesecake, you can start with the freezing process immediately. On the other hand, if you have just made your cheesecake, you should first let it cool down to room temperature before freezing it.

STEP 2: When your cheesecake reaches room temperature, wrap it in plastic wrap and it is not a bad idea to add an additional layer of tinfoil to keep it on the safe side.

STEP 3: After properly wrapping it, you should put it in a resealable freezer bag or use an airtight container. If you eventually choose a bag, make sure to suck out all the excess air in order to avoid freezer burn.

STEP 4: Finally, your cheesecake is ready for the freezer. You just have to label the bag or the container with the exact date of storage and put it somewhere deep in the freezer.

How Long Does Cheesecake Last In The Freezer?

Generally speaking, if you store your cheesecake properly and if the temperature of the freezer is 0 degrees F, it should remain good indefinitely.

However, that is not the main target when talking about how long cheesecake lasts in the freezer.

The real question is “How long can cheesecake preserve its best quality in the freezer?”.

Well, if you store homemade cheesecake in the freezer, it will retain its quality for up to 1-2 months and, if you freeze store-bought cheesecake, it will preserve its best quality for up to 2-3 months.

There is one more thing that you should know. Some types of toppings do not freeze well. So, if you are freezing homemade cheesecake, it is best to freeze it without the topping and add the same topping after the freezing process.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with store-bought cheesecake, you should ask the personnel from the cake store how long you can keep that cheesecake in the freezer before the topping goes bad.

How To Defrost Cheesecake?

cheesecake and other desserts in the fridge

If you have successfully frozen your cheesecake, you still have to successfully defrost it in order to enjoy it in its best state.

So, when it comes to thawing frozen food properly, the best way to do that is to simply use the good old fridge.

Just transfer the container from the freezer to the fridge and let it defrost overnight.

That is the slowest, but safest way of defrosting cheesecake. And you must have heard of the saying “better safe than sorry”. That is all I’ve got to say about defrosting cheesecake in the fridge.

However, some sources even suggest that cheesecake can be defrosted on the countertop by leaving it out for about 4-5 hours.

But, since it is not recommended to leave food at room temperature for more than 2 hours, I really wouldn’t recommend this method for safety reasons.

How Do You Know If Cheesecake Is Bad?

person cutting a piece of cheesecake

If you want to avoid food poisoning or getting some kind of foodborne illness, it is extremely important to know what the spoilage signs of cheesecake are. There are a few of them and they are listed and briefly explained below. So, let’s take a look.

• Mold: Just like with most types of foods, a moldy appearance is a spoilage sign of cheesecake as well. So, if you notice any fuzzy spots on the top and on the filling of your cheesecake, know that is bad and that you should not consume it.

Discoloration: If you notice that your cake is strange in appearance or that it has spots of discoloration, it is most likely bad and you should toss it away.

• Bad Smell: Since cheesecake contains a lot of sugar that keeps everything smelling sweet, it is not that common to sense a weird odor from the cheesecake.

However, cheesecake contains some types of cheese like cream cheese or ricotta and they can release a sour aroma when they age. So, if you sense that sour aroma, it is better not to consume that cheesecake.

• And, finally, even if you don’t notice any of these signs, your cheesecake might be bad and that can happen very often.

It is best to inspect all the important dates related to the storage of your cheesecake. If it has been sitting outside for more than 2 hours, discard it immediately.

If you keep your homemade cake in the fridge for more than 5 days, you shouldn’t consume it. The same goes for store-bought cheesecake that has been sitting in the fridge for more than 7 days.


woman taking out a piece of cheesecake from the fridge

Can You Eat Cheesecake After 2 Weeks?

You can eat cheesecake after 2 weeks only if it has been stored properly in the freezer. If it has been sitting on the countertop for that long, it is definitely not good for consumption.

The same goes for refrigeration since cheesecake can not stay good in the fridge for more than 1 week.

What Should I Do If My Cheesecake Has A Broken Crust?

If you find a broken crust after making your cheesecake, there is a solution.

• You first need to cool down your cheesecake.

• After that, press the crack close using your clean fingers.

Use an offset spatula that has been dipped in hot water, to gently smooth over the remaining gaps.

• Repeat that, wiping the spatula in between, until the crack is gone.

This is how it is done. As you can see it is quite simple.

Final Words On Refrigerated Cheesecakes Shelf Life

No matter which type of cheesecake recipe it is, cheesecake is a perishable food and it needs to be handled properly. So, the main question was “How long does cheesecake last in the fridge?”.

As you know by now, homemade cheesecake can last for up to 5 days if properly stored in the refrigerator.

If you are dealing with store-bought cheesecake, it can last a bit longer in the fridge, i.e. for about 5-7 days.

It is also important to know that cheesecake can not be left out for more than 2 hours and, if you freeze it properly, it can last for up to 1-2 months if it is homemade and 2-3 months if it is store-bought.

How Long Does Cheesecake Last In The Fridge + Storage Tips