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Can You Freeze Half And Half? Yes, And Here’s How

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“A million-dollar question”: Can you freeze half and half? 

Short answer: Yes, you can!

Half and half is a mix of half whole milk and half cream, and cream-based products can sometimes be tricky to freeze. However, with the right freezing methods, your half and half will retain its original consistency once thawed.

Without further ado, let’s see how you can freeze half and half in different ways, how long it can stay frozen, and how to thaw it. Of course, you’ll also find plenty of tips and tricks along the way! 

How To Freeze Half And Half 

Ice cubes made with milk and tray on grey background

The best freezing methods for half and half are in Ziplock freezer bags, or in ice cube trays (ideally for coffee). You can also freeze it in the carton but this method is not recommended (see below why). 

So, consider freezing half and half in accordance with your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. You’ll find the steps of each freezing method below. 

How To Freeze Half And Half In Ziplock Freezer Bags

• Step 1: Measure the desired amount of half and half that you plan to freeze. Keep in mind that freezing half and half in small portions is recommended so that its consistency remains intact once thawed.

• Step 2: Pour the portions of half and half into small Ziplock bags, and squeeze out as much air as you can. Once done squeezing, there shouldn’t be any air bubbles left. Congrats, now you can seal the bag!

• Step 3: Label your Ziplock bags and add the date so that you know for how long you can keep them in the freezer. Also, consider adding the best-before date (see below) on the label. Put the bags in the freezer and your job here is done. 

How To Freeze Half And Half For Coffee

Hands holding coffee pouch bag with zip lock and standing paper cup isolated on white background

• Step 1: Measure the desired amount of half and half that you plan to freeze for coffee. 

• Step 2: Fill the ice cube trays with half and half. (NOTE: one ice cube tray is equivalent to 1 ½ – 2 tbsp).

• Step 3: Place the ice cube tray in the freezer for approximately 2 hours. Once half and half cubes are frozen, place them in a Ziplock freezer bag. 

• Step 4: Take as many ice cubes as you need and put them in your hot coffee. They will instantly melt to their original consistency. 

How To Freeze Half And Half In The Carton

• Step 1: Just throw the unopened half and half in the freezer. 

NOTE: Freezing half and half in the carton is not recommended because the carton is not freezer safe. As your half-and-half freezes, the carton may start expanding which can result in splitting and cracking. If that happens, you will have to repack half and half in Ziplock freezer bag(s).

How Long Can Half And Half Stay Frozen?

Top view to jug of milk on old wooden table

According to the USDA, dairy products can be frozen for up to 3 months. The same applies to half and half. 

The most important thing is to store it properly without air bubbles and that the freezer doors are not open too frequently in order to maintain the right temperature.

How To Thaw Frozen Half And Half

Milk ice cubes in glass on wooden background

Place the half and half in the fridge and allow it to thaw for a few hours. Once thawed, whisk it to retain its original consistency. 

Similarly to thawing frozen Greek yogurt, thawing half and half may result in a gritty texture which can be a problem if you’re using it for coffee. However, if you’re using thawed half and half for cooking or baking, then you won’t even notice the difference. 

You should use thawed half and half within the next 3-4 days.

NOTE: It is safe to refreeze half and half. However, you shouldn’t refreeze half and half or any other thawed food if it was left outside the fridge for longer than 2 hours, as recommended by the USDA.


The process of freezing half and half is similar to freezing yogurt. It is best done in Ziplock bags or in ice cube trays (that are transferred to Ziplock bags) if you plan on using them for coffee.

You can keep half and half in the freezer for up to 3 months. After thawing half and half in the refrigerator, make sure to use it within the next 3-4 days. Any more questions? Feel free to ask! 😄