How To  Freeze  Donuts

How To  Freeze  Donuts

Tips & Tricks

How can you freeze donuts so they still taste just as delicious once you defrost them?

Items you will need: • metal cookie sheet    or baking sheet • a piece of wax    paper • plastic wrap, cling    film, or aluminum    foil • a freezer-safe bag    or an airtight     container

1. Line a cookie sheet or baking sheet with a piece of wax paper.

2. Place the leftover donuts on the sheet making sure they’re far enough apart so that they don’t stick together.

3. Freeze the donuts on the tray until they’re solid, at least 3–5 hours. If you don’t do this before you pack them, they might get squished before they harden.

4. (OPTIONAL, BUT RECOMMENDED) Wrap each donut individually in plastic wrap, cling film, or aluminum foil.

5. Place the donuts in a single layer into a plastic bag. It’s best to use a freezer bag. Remove as much excess air as possible and seal them. Pack only as many as you think you’ll defrost at a time to avoid breaking the seal when you take them out.

6. Label the bag with today’s date. Donuts keep in the freezer for about 3 months, so you don’t want to forget how long they’ve been there for.

1. Freeze them at their most fresh 2. The easiest donuts  to freeze are plain 3. Don’t put them in the freezer until they’ve cooled off 4. Wrap the donuts individually 5. Never freeze doughnuts  after they’ve been defrosted 6. Some fillings don’t freeze well

Bonus Tricks For Freezing Donut

Better A Frozen Donut Than  No Donut

Better A Frozen Donut Than  No Donut