14 Fruits That Start With The Letter  U 

14 Fruits That Start With The Letter  U 

1. Ube

Ube fruit comes in the shape of a sweet potato or yam.

2. Ububese fruit

An interesting fact about the ububese fruit is  that it has a unique reddish or yellow  color and can  grow up to 100 centimeters.

It’s actually one of the highest sources of  vitamin C.

3. Ugli fruit

This red fruit is very small – they’re like blueberry-sized pomegranates and can be found on the Ugni molinae tree.

4. Ugni berry

5. Umbu fruit

The color of umbu fruit can be green or yellow.

6. Umbra fruit

The umbra fruit has many health advantages and benefits, and if you ever come across one, don’t be afraid to  try it out.

7. Umeboshi  fruit

It’s a real delicacy in Japan.

Find other  fruits at  the link  below.

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